Top 5 Courses in Australia to get Permanent Residency (PR)

Top 5 Courses that Open the Door for Permanent Residency in Australia

Posted by Aussizz Group on November 04, 2016

With a strong economy, academic credentials, balanced life style and attractive landscaping, Australia is no less than a paradise on earth to study and settle.

Considering this, it’s not surprising that the country has lured over 2.5 million international students to come to Australia and make a difference in the career.

If you are also the one who is currently studying in Australia or making a move to apply for the same, then the prospect of Australian Permanent Residency (PR) may have crossed your mind.

However, in order to be granted for a right to live, work and study in Australia permanently, it is necessary to complete 2 years of study in Australia and acquire temporary work visa.

This visa allows international students, who have recently graduated from Australia to stay, work or study in Australia temporary. To qualify for this visa you must have the skills and qualifications related to the occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

Every year, Australian government releases a list of highly demanded occupations in Australia. International students who have completed their course in the given occupation areas have higher chances of getting PR. However, in many cases, the dynamic nature of the list makes it difficult for international students to choose particular courses that help them in getting PR.

Below we have identified a list of some courses that are usually high in demand and have good career prospects in Australia.

  • MBA

    Like engineering, MBA is another most sought after career choice in India. Often seen as the threshold of the corporate world, an MBA course from Australia can do your career a world of good. Australia boasts upon some of the best MBA institutions inclusive of Monash Business School, The Australian National University Of Business & Economics and University of Sydney Business School to name a few.

  • Accountancy

    Accountancy is one of the fastest-growing occupations in Australia. The number of international students pursing accounting in Australia increased by 500% between the year 2001 and 2014. As an accountant in Australia, you can have a great exposure to organisations relating to taxation, financial dealings, and record-keeping and compliance requirements.

  • Engineering

    Australia always face a huge requirement of engineers in several fields including Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Software Engineering, Production or Plant Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Telecommunications Field Engineering, etc. This is why; international engineering students always have strong prospects of gaining employment in Australia. As per The Good Universities Guide, recent engineering graduates in Australia earned $60,705 on an average, which is one of the highest salaries in the field.

  • Medical Doctors

    The shortage of medical doctors in West Australia is putting a great pressure on Govt public hospitals as it costing $500 million a year to Medicare-funded medical services. This provides a great opportunity to international medical students get good opportunities and high salaries.

  • Nursing

    Universities of Nursing in Australia have an outstanding international reputation for providing high quality range of undergraduate, research or postgraduate programs in health, nursing and midwifery. You can choose any course, which is suitable to your preferences or interest like Nurse (Community Health), Nurse (Medical Practice), Nurse (Child and Family Health), Nurse (Mental Health), Nurse (Surgical) and Nurse (Paediatric), etc.

  • Dentistry

    Whether you dream of being a dental practitioner, oral health professional or a researcher of the highest calibre, Australia offers you a dynamic set of courses including Bachelor of Dental Science (BDSc), Bachelor of Oral Health (BOralH) and Research Higher Degree to ensure a successful career in the unprecedented competition.

  • Sports Management

    Being a sports fanatic nation itself, there is no better place to study sports management other than Australia. Sports management involves managing the business aspect of sports inclusive of directing, planning, organizing, budgeting, facility management, marketing, revenue generation and so forth. Those aspiring for a sports management degree can go for bachelor’s or master’s program. Deakin University, La Trobe University, The University of Monash, Queensland University and Griffith University are few of the top universities offering sports management programs.

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