Prospective Marriage Visa for Australia, Subclass 300

About Subclass 300

A temporary visa for nine months, the Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) is for people who want to come to Australia to marry their prospective spouse. At the time of application, you need to be outside Australia. However, it is not necessary that your wedding too takes place in Australia. Wedding can happen in any country.

This visa is valid for nine months only and it cannot be extended and you cannot be granted another Prospective Marriage visa in Australia even if you have not yet married your sponsor but still intend to do so.

You can be granted this visa if you intend to marry:

  • An Australian citizen
  • An Australian permanent resident
  • An eligible New Zealand citizen

Basic requirements

In order to be granted this visa, you need to fulfill many requirements. Some of the basic are:

  • You intend to marry and live as husband or wife with your prospective spouse
  • You need to be sponsored by your prospective spouse who is a) an Australian citizen, b) an Australian permanent resident, c) an eligible New Zealand citizen
  • You know your prospective spouse and have met in person. This applies in these conditions too: a) it is an arranged marriage, b) you and your prospective spouse met as children and the marriage was arranged before you turned 18 years of age, c) you met on the internet (exchanging photographs is not evidence of having met in person)
  • You are the opposite sex to your prospective spouse (same-sex couples can apply for a Partner visa based on their de facto relationship)
  • You need to meet age, health and character requirements

What this visa lets you do

Once you are granted this visa, you can:

  • Enter Australia before you marry your prospective spouse
  • Travel in and out of Australia as often as you want
  • Work in Australia, although some employers might not hire people with temporary visas
  • Study in Australia, but with no access to government funding for tertiary study
  • Apply for a Partner visa, in Australia, after your marriage

Once you are granted this visa, you must enter Australia on this visa at least once before you marry your prospective spouse. The date by which you must enter the country is communicated to you by the Australian immigration department. If you cannot make it by that date, your visa may be cancelled.

Any family members who come with you to Australia might have conditions on their visas, including:

  • They cannot enter Australia before you
  • They cannot marry or be in a de facto relationship before they enter Australia

In order to be granted this visa, you need to provide accurate and authentic documents.

In some cases, if you happen to marry your partner before the granting of the visa, you must write immediately to the concerned office with

  • A certified copy of proof that you have married
  • A request that, due to your marriage, you want to withdraw the application for a Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300) and be considered for a Partner visa instead

Refer document checklist before applying for this visa. Your application could take longer if you need character or health checks (including x-rays), if you need to provide more information, or if your application is incomplete.

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