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NAATI CCL Test – Key Information To Get You Started

Appear for NAATI CCL Test and achieve 5 bonus points towards Australia PR Visa application. Get familiar with the CCL test, its format & main aspects here....Read More

Pathways to Claim 5 Extra Points Towards Australia PR

Are you contemplating to migrate to Australia under General Skilled Migration Visa? If yes, ensure that you calculate your total points well in advance to assure your eligibility. ...Read More

Top 6 Highly Demanding Jobs by Australian Employers in 2017

“Work to live, Don't live to work”. One country that has always lived by this thought is Australia. It is one of the most popular destinations to study, work and live a quality life....Read More

How Professional Year Internship in Engineering Help You Avoid Job Rejection?

Engineers! Do you know the Professional Year Internship can save you from job rejection? Read this post to discover how!...Read More

How Professional Year Program Help IT Graduates Flourish In their Fields?

However, for international students it becomes more challenging due to the fact that they don’t have permanent residency nor they are taught key employability skills at university....Read More

All about Professional Year Program in Australia

A PY Program is combines learning and workplace experience for overseas students graduated from an Australian university....Read More

How Aussizz Group Help You Complement Your Career Goals with Professional Year Program?

Due to the rising competition among job seekers these days, many newly graduates (Engineers, IT & Accounting) are unable to compete as they can’t achieve...Read More

Attention Engineering Graduates! Say Goodbye to the Unemployment with Navitas Professional

Every day, Navitas Professional helps many graduates just like you to acquire skills needed to succeed in the Australian work culture. ...Read More

What if you will not do Professional Year Program?

Professional year program is a professional development training course specially designed for international students in Australia to give them practical training in their work stream through various training sessions. ...Read More

Increasing Need for Professional Year Program

The term ‘Professional Year Program’ is getting viral among international students who have completed their Degrees (minimum 2years) with Australian University....Read More

What Benefits You Can Enjoy If You Take PY Now?

Professional Year Program has several benefits for career growth and everybody who has completed the required studies must be thinking about how and when I should go for professional year program....Read More

What are the major benefits of getting Professional Year Program?

The Professional Year Program is a well-structured program that aims at the overall professional development of the aspiring candidates by giving them practical exposure to the work place according to their education streams....Read More

Professional Year Program: Perfect Way to Boost the Career with Better Job Opportunities

For securing superior job opportunities in Australia, it is best to have sound practical knowledge along with theoretical education....Read More

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