485 Visa

Have you graduated from an Australian University and are looking to further study or work in Australia? If yes, then to fulfil your visa requirements, you will need an Overseas Visitors Health Cover Insurance.

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457 Visa

Have you been sponsored by an Australian employer to stay and work in Australia for up to 4 years on a temporary skilled visa? If that's a yes, then you'd be looking to have an OVHC Insurance to fulfill your visa requirements.

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489 Visa

Are you a skilled worker who's been nominated by the state or territory government of Australia to live and work there for up to 4 years? Because if you are, then you're going to need an OVHC Insurance for your point based skilled visa.

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Student Visa

Looking to get an International student visa to study in Australia? You're going to need the services of an Overseas Student Health Cover Insurance or OSHC provider to fulfill the requirements of your visa.

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Why do you need a health insurance to get an Australian visa?

Australia is a country that boasts of one of the best health standards in the world. And it's important for them to uphold those standards in the strictest sense. That is the reason, they want most of the applicants to meet some of the basic minimum health requirements to grant them a visa.

What does the term 'Pre-existing Ailment' mean?

If you suffer from a medical condition (any illness or an ailment), that showed its symptoms during the six-month period before you were granted a visa, or you arrived in Australia - whichever happened earlier - it would be considered a pre-existing ailment for you. Whether or not a condition pre-existing or not is decided by a medical practitioner or a practicing doctor.

What does the term 'Waiting Period' refer to?

From the date you arrive in Australia or the day you were granted your visa - starting from whichever of these days is most recent, you need to wait some time before you're eligible to make a claim through your OVHC or OSHC policy. This time period between you spend before making your claim, is known a waiting period.

Why do most health funds like to apply waiting periods?

A person might already know about their illness or ailment and not tell the insurance company about it before signing one of their healthcare covers. In that case, the person could claim money from the insurance company for an already planned medical procedure, and immediately leave having received the benefits after paying the minimum premium. To be safe from such fraudulent methods, most companies like to apply waiting periods before letting anyone claim a cover.

Can you claim for a pre-existing condition at all?

Yes, you can. But how you can, would depend upon the type of cover that you sign up for.

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