485 Visa

Have you graduated from an Australian University and are looking to further study or work in Australia? If yes, then to fulfil your visa requirements, you will need an Overseas Visitors Health Cover Insurance.

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457 Visa

Have you been sponsored by an Australian employer to stay and work in Australia for up to 4 years on a temporary skilled visa? If that's a yes, then you'd be looking to have an OVHC Insurance to fulfill your visa requirements.

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489 Visa

Are you a skilled worker who's been nominated by the state or territory government of Australia to live and work there for up to 4 years? Because if you are, then you're going to need an OVHC Insurance for your point based skilled visa.

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Student Visa

Are you an international student looking to apply for Australian Student visa? Then, you need to satisfy the health requirements by meeting the 8501 Condition.
This condition refers to having an adequate level of OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) to get coverage against the hospital and medical costs for the entire duration of stay in Australia.

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Here you will find a comparison between every health insurance cover proved to have provided world class services to their customers.

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We make sure that you have all the information with you so that you can choose the health cover that best suits your needs.

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We work with our wide range of health partners who further come with an even larger array of healthcare products and services to offer.

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Why do you need a health insurance to get an Australian visa?

Australia is a country that boasts one of the best health standards in the world. And, to maintain those standards, migrants looking to visit, study or work in Australia are required to meet minimum health requirements to be granted a visa.

What benefits you will get after purchasing an insurance policy from Aussizz Group?

We are partnered with leading insurance companies in Australia. At our online portal - www.getmypolicy.com.au, not only users get the privilege of comparing multiple plans of those providers to choose the best one but are also entitled to FREE 15 PTE Practice Tests on uploading their policy document.

How long does it take to receive the policy certificate?

Your insurance policy certificate or document will be sent by email as soon as your payment is received by Insurance Company. If you make the payment through credit card, you can receive your document within few hours. However, in case if you choose to extend or change the dates of your current policy, it may take 24-48 business hours to get the updated policy certificate.

What if I cancel my current insurance policy?

If you cancel your policy during your stay and fail to purchase a new one, this will result in your visa cancellation as you are obligated to ensure that you comply with the 8501 or OVHC Condition. This will also affect in the processing of visa applications that you make in future.

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