5 steps to follow before departing from Australia!

The validity of your student visa ends any minute. Five years ago, you were part of a study program in Australia and also had the opportunity to work as a junior employee in a reputed firm. But now, you have to bid goodbye to friends and colleagues with whom you shared happy moments. They stood beside you especially when you were new to the country.

These moments last for a lifetime as you plan to complete necessary tasks before heading to your home country. You are keen to return but not so soon!


At any age, you are allowed to work provided you submit the program’s attendance details. It is part of your student visa process. The visa helps you to be entitled to work rights—you get 40 hours every week. 

Clear all dues before leaving the country. It won’t hamper your visit plans in the future. Do follow the number of visa procedures listed below—


What becomes evident is claiming tax refunds while working as a junior employee. You paid taxes and used to file tax returns every year. The amount ran in hundreds or thousands. Seek the guidance of a taxation expert briefing you on Australian guidelines. Submit other visa details as well.


Regularly, you filed tax returns. Paying extra taxes benefit you at the time of your retirement. However, claim superannuation benefits now with plans made to depart the country permanently. Be entitled to these benefits since you decided not to come back. Based on your student visa, you are eligible for superannuation sum. Submit your visa details--whether it is canceled or expired.

Listed below are other details—

  1. Produce last pay slip of your job
  2. Your tax file number

Superannuation details: You might be having a single super account or many accounts in Australia. The immigration authorities ask you to produce details such as account/member number, client identity, etc.

Interestingly, you are also granted other benefits after filing your personal information. Log on to DASP (Departing Australia Superannuation Payments) portal and submit necessary account details where you receive the money. You can add information details of a new application for your superannuation account and are told to fill the details of your employer.

Soon, you receive a confirmation email that your superannuation details will be verified and will receive the said amount in your account.


Make the best use of Commonwealth App that links your home bank account details. This App helps you to create contact. Based on contact details, you can receive tax refunds and superannuation benefits.

After receiving these refunds and benefits, transfer the amount to your home bank account. There are no funds in the bank account and no point to use the bank account. It is advisable to close your account. It is necessary of you to forward an email with attested passport copy. After that, you can request for the closing of your bank account.


Essentially your wardrobe consists of many clothes. Pack them in big and small bags. However, you are unaware of how to transport them to your home country. Different companies offer luggage services. Rather than searching for the cheapest option, it is advisable you go for the best one that is authentic. Otherwise, you may have to wait longer for at least 3 months before receiving the entire luggage.

On the other hand, get quotations of a recognised luggage courier service provider. Fill up a form mentioning luggage details, dimensions and weight of each bag. Get the price details and discounts they will be offering.


In case you purchased goods in Australia, you can claim GST taxes 2 months before your departure. Submit the claim details to airport authorities after passing the security arch. Make the process faster by filling an online form.

Listed below are some conditions—
  1. If the goods exceed $300, you can benefit more
  2. Pay for the products
  3. Submit purchase tax invoice details
  4. Carry essential goods with you
Ensure you file pending taxes to avail tax refunds. You can close your bank account after receiving the desired sum. Superannuation benefits also turn in your favor. In hindsight, seek guidance from our immigration agents and education consultants who explain the kind of benefits you will receive before leaving for your home country.
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