How getting the Australian 482 Visa grant was effortless. Check out.

How getting the Australian 482 Visa grant was effortless. Check out.

High standards of ethical integrity when communicating with students and professionals about career paths is something that is needed to guide them. These services provided with complete transparency can prove beneficial for both the students and the service providers. 

We acknowledge that the decision to study, work or settle in Australia is one of the most important decisions in the life of a student and professional that ensures fulfilling their career aspirations. The onus is on our QAEC (Qualified Education Agent Counsellor) counsellors who are qualified and possess up-to-date knowledge of policies, regulations, and qualifying criteria of international students.

What makes us stand apart from the rest is the way we facilitate connections, our student-matching capabilities, and service standards are designed to establish better, richer, and more rewarding connections with people. 

Other than offering assistance for Australian migration visas such as Employer-Sponsored Visas and General Skilled Migration Visas, our expertise lies in IELTS, PTE & CCL Coaching, Professional Year Program, Permanent Residency, etc.

Read out what one of our potential clients, Mr. Patel has a story to share about how he obtained the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482) and the experiences he had with Aussizz Group standing beside him.

The list of questions in the case study are as follows-

1. Congratulations Mr. Patel, you finally received your 482 visa. How & what do you feel now?

Absolutely elated. It’s been a long process and I’m glad to finally see my dreams come true.

2. What prompted you to choose only Australia?

When I initially began this journey, I had kept a number of options open. However, after researching the current global migration scenario, Australia seemed like the more viable option in terms of my current occupation. Plus, as an individual, I felt like I could seamlessly fit into the cultural fabric of this nation, especially after my career experiences in Australia.

3. How did you come to know about Aussizz Group?

While I had seen Aussizz Group on the various social media I use, I was recommended to it by a friend who had also received an Australian visa grant. They spoke highly of the services provided and that made my choice easier.

4. How was your experience with Aussizz Group?

I am extremely satisfied with the experience I have had with Aussizz group, especially with the services I signed up for. My assigned agent was extremely thorough throughout the process, providing me options and keeping me well informed. From the get-go, I knew my agent would leave no stone unturned to ensure that I would have a successful outcome.
This was motivating during a sensitive time for me personally and I am beyond thankful.

5. Can you elaborate on how Aussizz’s services help you achieve your dream?

While I did do quite a bit of background research myself in regards to the visa I was applying for, my assigned agent was updated with all the current rulings and changes. They were also very adept at scanning through my documents to ensure I hadn’t missed anything. They helped me identify my shortcomings and guided me through the skills assessment process to ensure everything was ready on my first attempt.
Without the services, I would have most definitely failed to provide a complete application that would have led to a straight denial.

6. Is it just that you approached Aussizz Group for migration services or IELTS/PTE coaching?

No, just the migration services.

7. Could you share your educational background, work experience, and any other relevant details?

After completing my Bachelor’s in my home country, I decided to pursue a Master’s in Australia with hopes of migrating. After my Master’s, I received a job offer to work in my nominated occupation after a couple of months.
This was motivating as I was still unsure of the career opportunities that would arise after receiving my degree. After completing two years, I was offered an employer-sponsored visa. To assist me with this application, I reached out to Aussizz Group and the rest is history.

8. Elaborate on what does the visa grant means to you, how will it shape your future. List out benefits and advantages.

The visa grant was and is the next step towards me achieving my future goals. It was integral in helping me plan and map out the rest of my life. The major benefit that I have received through the visa grant is that I now have more stability in my life. Through this stability and the closing of one chapter, I now have the time to make decisions that will open the doors to newer opportunities.

9. How likely you are to recommend Aussizz Group to your friends and family?

Very likely. I have had no qualms with the services that I was provided with and I am extremely grateful for the support and help they have provided me with. 
However, like Mr. Patel you too would like to share your experiences with the world! Stay tuned if Aussizz Group has helped in any way or procedures on education & immigration for Australian visas.

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    "to Summarize....Amazing follow up approach to end to end process, Mind blowing attention to details and truly personal experience."

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    "I'm glad to announce, that i have received my visa. Thank you Aussizz Group for helping me."

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    "Thanks to aussizz group for my visa I am really happy and appreciate your effort for my visa once agains thanks aussizz group. staff members are very cooperative and helpful.I recommend all join with AUSSIZZ GROUP FOR ANY KIND OF VISA SERVICES."

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