Partnership Based Visas

Partnership Based Visas are for those who are want to lodge a post-study job search and also plan to ask their partners to join them in New Zealand.

First of all, we'd like to congratulate all of those who have completed their study program and are now ready to apply for the Post-Study Job Search Visa. While we are more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have about the job search visa, in this post, we'll address Partnership Based Visas. As we have observed from time to time, assessing partnership based visa is unique in every case. Many factors can affect the decision on your application.

First, a few necessary things to consider:

  • Are you in a genuine and stable relationship? You don’t have to be married
  • Have you been living together?

    • If yes, for how long?
    • If not, are there compelling reasons for you to stay apart due to a situation which is not under your control?
  • Does your partner hold one of the following visas?
  • For Partnership based Work Visa.

    • Post-Study Open Search Visa
    • Student Visa for a study program that is level 8 or higher
    • A level 7 or higher qualification on the Long Term Skill Shortage List
    • Post-Study Employer Assisted Visa
    • Any visas from Work to Residency Category
    • Essential Skills Work Visa under mid-skilled employment or high-skilled employment. Some exceptions apply regarding eligibility for someone who is on a low-skilled job.
  • For Partnership based Visitor Visa of a Student.

    • Evidence that your supporting partner is currently on a student visa

Questions to consider to know whether you can prove that you are in a genuine and stable relationship

If your relationship is not old

  • What evidence you have to show that your relationship had developed over time (through chat history, phone calls, meetings, etc.)
  • If you are married, then what evidence do you have to prove your marriage (wedding cards, photographs of wedding functions, marriage certificate, proof of honeymoon travel, invoices of ceremonies of marriage)
  • Relationship letters from both of you and your friends
  • Any other pieces of evidence that you have from the below section “if your relationship is old.”

If your relationship is old

  • Any Joint bank account that is in use by both of you
  • Any Travel history
  • Any insurance policies in which both of you are policyholders or one of you is a nominee
  • Any joint savings or investments

If you are not living together or have not lived together for a substantially extended period

  • Evidence of whether there are any compelling reasons (reasons which are not under your control)
  • Proof of both of you staying in touch with each other on a constant basis
  • Evidence of you helped each other financially Proof of you wishing each other on special occasions Proof of both of you keeping in touch with your partner’s family from time to time Proof of any gits, cards, etc. you would have sent to your partner

If you have been living together

  • Joint utility bills
  • Joint lease or rental agreement, if boarding, proof that you are boarding in the same house
  • Correspondence under individual names (mails) coming to the same address
  • Driver's license under the same address

These are some of the things you need to consider when applying for partnership based visas. Apart from this, here are the other documents you’ll need to lodge an application

Documents Checklist – Partnership Based Visa

  • Evidence to prove that you are in a genuine and stable relation from the above categories
  • Digital Photo
  • Copy of passport
  • Medical – Principal Applicant
  • Police Clearance - Principal applicant
  • Police Clearance – Supporting Partner
  • INZ 1146 completed by your supporting partner
  • If your supporting partner is a student, then you need to show that you have $4200 in your account to sustain the living cost for one year.

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