Post Study Work Visa - Open

This particular visa is applicable to those who have completed their educational qualifications from a University or an institute in New Zealand. With the help of this visa you are eligible to work anywhere in New Zealand. Level 7 or higher candidates are eligible for this visa.

Eligibility :

  • A proof identity
  • Health Certificate
  • Character Certificate
  • A bona-fide that shows that your intention of getting the visa is genuine.
  • A New Zealand qualification or a degree that you have completed.
  • A work visa application within the stated time.
  • An evidence showing that you have the required amount of funds.

Process- The process can be done through a paper application or via an online application. The duration an d the cost for the paper application is 318 NZD and 25 working days, while for the online application it takes 298 NZD and 20 working days to complete the procedure.

Following steps to be followed-

1. Basic Requirement

Mandatory documents
  • Original Passport/ Scan copy for the online form ( Valid up to 3 months)
  • A Police Clearance Certificate*
  • A Medical certificate *
  • Transcripts
  • Completion letter from the University, if the convocation has not taken place.
  • A cover letter stating that your intentions to work are genuine.
  • Bank statements, bank drafts, Credit card statements and travellers cheques are required to be shown as evidence of funds. (validity up to 3 months with 4200 NZD funds)
2. Application

You can apply via a paper application or via an online application. For those who are looking to apply via the paper application, they will have to fill a Work Visa Application form (INZ 1015).

Finally, after the formalities are complete, the application process will start and the Immigration New Zealand will contact you if they need any further help from your side.

Note- If your temporary visa expires before you are granted the Post Study Open Search Visa, you will have to apply for an interim visa.


  • * The Police Clearance Certificate should not be more than 6 months old. For those who are aged 17 or above and are planning to Stay in New Zealand for a duration of 24 months or more will require to provide Police Clearance Certificates-
    (i) From the country(s) of citizenship. Or
    (ii) From any country, where you have spent a duration of more than five years
  • * Medical Certificate should be provided along with a Chest X-ray. Chest X-ray is mandatory for those who will be residing in New Zealand for duration of 6 months or more. Applies to those :-
    (i) Who belong to a country that does not have a low occurrence of Tuberculosis.
    (ii) Who have spent a duration of 3 months or more in the past five years in a country that has a high occurrence of tuberculosis.
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