Visitor's Visa

For those intending to stay in New Zealand temporarily and are not looking to study or work, can choose to apply for a visitor's visa. This visa is appropriate for those who are looking for a holiday in New Zealand or wish to visit family or friends or have to undertake a medical treatment in New Zealand. For a first time applicant this visa can be given up to 9 or 12 months.

Individuals whose home country is on the visitor visa waiver list, do not need a visa to enter New Zealand depending on the length and intention of the stay. The duration of the visa can be up to 3 or 6 months on arrival.

Important things to be kept in mind

  • Can study up to 3 months.
  • Not eligible to work
  • Can visit New Zealand for a 9-month period in the span of 18 months.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A proof of identity
  • A proof of good health
  • A proof of good character
  • A bona-fide stating that your intentions are genuine
  • A proof of funds or sponsorship
  • A declaration to cover your health expenses
  • A ticket to leave New Zealand after the duration of your stay is over


The process can be done via paper submission or via an online application. For the paper submission it will cost 184 NZD and the processing time will take approximately 25 working days. While the online application will cost 165 NZD and the processing time will take approximately 20 working days.

Step 1 - Get hold of the required documents.

Mandatory Documents required

  • Visitor Visa Application form (INZ 1017)
  • Original Passport including 2 photographs
  • Police Clearance Certificate*
  • Medical Certificate- Chest X-ray is required for those intending to stay for 6 months or more.
    (Chest X-rays are required for those who come from a country or a region where there is high occurrence of Tuberculosis.)
  • Proof of funds Sponsorship- At least 1000 NZD per month or 400 NZD per month if the accommodation is arranged.
    1. Bank Statements
    2. Credit-card statements
    3. Bank Drafts
    4. Traveller's cheques
    5. Evidence of accommodation, which can be hotel receipts or pre-paid vouchers.

For those who are being sponsored -The documents below are required to serve as evidence and should be provided by the sponsor
1. Current bank statements
2. Pay slips
3. Employment agreement
4. Proof of accommodation ownership or rent payment.
5. Sponsorship form for temporary entry (INZ 1025)

Step 2 - Submission of the Application- While submitting your application, keep in mind whether you are from a Visa Waiver country or not.

Note: For those applicants who are from the Auckland region and are applying for a visitor's visa, they should fill this form - Visitor Visa Application Form for Auckland region Applicants (INZ 1111).

Once the required documents are complete and the application is submitted, the visa process will start.


* The Police Clearance Certificate should not be more than 6 months old. For those who are aged 17 or above and are planning to Stay in New Zealand for a duration of 24 months or more will require to provide Police Clearance Certificates -
(i) From the country(s) of citizenship.Or
(ii) From any country, where you have spent a duration of more than five years since turning 17.

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