10  Hilarious  and  Fascinating  Facts  About  Australia

1. Australia:  A Continent of Endless Wonders and Wide Open Spaces!

2. 1st Police Force:  The first police force in Australia was made up of the best-behaved convicts.

3. In 1932,  Australia found itself in a “war” with emus. Yes, you read that right. Emus!

4. The Cane Toad Racing:  In Queensland, cane toad racing is a popular event.

5. Cockroach Races?  In Brisbane, an annual event known as the Australia Day Cockroach Races takes place that has been running for over 30 years.

6. The Smiling Quokkas: Quokkas, often referred to as the “world’s happiest animal”, are found on Rottnest Island in Western Australia.

7. Even Camels Prefer to Settle! Australia has the world’s largest population of wild camels. It’s a bit like Australia adopted the camel and made it its own!

8.  Pink Lake Lake Hillier is a pink-coloured lake. From above, the lake appears solid bubble gum pink. It’s like nature decided to have a little fun with its palette!

9. Vegemite Consumption:  An Acquired Taste Australians consume about 22.7 million jars of Vegemite each year. It’s a love affair that’s hard to understand until you’ve tried it yourself.

10. The Underground Town of Coober Pedy: Loc; You can visit Coober Pedy by taking a flight from Adelaide, SA.

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