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Temporary Graduate Visa

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Subclass 485?

It's a visa that allows international graduates from Australian institutions to live, work, and study in Australia temporarily after completing their studies.

What is a Temporary Graduate Visa 

Subclass 485?

Graduate Work Stream: For international students with qualifications related to occupations on the Skilled Occupation List.

The Two Streams of 

Post-Study Work Stream: For students who have completed higher education degrees.

Subclass 485?

1. Completed a course within the last 6 months 2. Under 50 years of age 3. Competent English skills 4. Meet health and character requirements

Who is Eligible?

Subclass 485?

1. Passport 2. Graduation certificate 3. English proficiency test results 4. Health and character documents

Prepare Your Documents

Subclass 485?

1. Gather Documents 2. Lodge Online Application 3. Pay the Fee 4. Await Decision

How to Apply?

Subclass 485?

1. Gain Australian work experience 2. Further studies 3. Pathway to other visas

Why Choose Subclass 485?

Subclass 485?

Start your application today to make the most of your Australian qualifications. Good luck!

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Subclass 485?

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Subclass 485?