Temporary Work Visa (Subclass 457)


This visa is no longer available for new applicants.

From 18th March 2018, the Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (Subclass 457) has been abolished and replaced by the new Temporary Skilled Shortage Visa (Subclass 482).

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We, at Aussizz, assist in processing immigration to Australia. Work Visas, Student Visas, Travel Visas, Family Visas, and Skilled Visas are the different types of visas issued by Australian embassy. We facilitate this process and ensure that you receive your visas as required. Of the different types of Work Visas processed by us, ‘Standard Business Visas’ under ‘Employer Sponsored’ category is of particular importance. Technically termed ‘Subclass 457 Visa’, this as its name suggests is sponsored by employers for recruiting overseas skilled personnel in important positions. As of date, this visa type is the easiest way of financing overseas candidates.

For ‘Subclass 457 Visa’ eligibility, an applicant must have an Australian employer sponsoring his visa application and processing. Employers willing to sponsor candidates under this category need to satisfy certain pre-conditions. This temporary business long stay visa has validity up to four years. While on this visa, an applicant may become a permanent resident of Australia subject to eligible employer’s sponsorship. Alternatively, a candidate might apply for a ‘skilled migration program’ visa.

Both willing employers and immigrants might avail our Standard Business Sponsorship: Subclass 457 Visa services.

Steps involved in acquiring Australian 457 Visa

The steps involved in applying for Australian 457 Visa is categorised into sponsorship, nomination, and application.

  • Sponsorship
    At the outset, employers must take an approval for sponsoring and appointing overseas employees to be posted in Australia. Once approved, a company might appoint overseas employees as per requirement for a period of up to four years.
  • Nomination
    In this step, an employer nominates the positions for which overseas candidates are required. These nominations must be in conformity to minimum professional and/or managerial eligibilities as demanded by the concerned opportunity. Such nominated positions must also have a minimum salary ceiling as declared in gazetted notices. Other employment terms and conditions and basic necessities need also be satisfied in these nominations.
  • Application
    Identified overseas workers for any vacant position need to submit an Australia 457 Visa application for entering and staying in Australian territory. An applicant must prove his worth as a suitable candidate for a nominated post and accordingly is offered employment as per nominated terms and conditions. Certain specific health and character criteria need also be fulfilled by a 457 Visa applicant.In case, a candidate fails to get a sponsor, an ‘Expression of Interest’ might be lodged thereby allowing potential employers to view profile and offer sponsorship as and when required.


Entitlements Of 457 Visa

This employer sponsored business visa is temporary in nature having a validity of four years. This visa empowers a candidate to work with his employer and also to stay in Australia for the said period. Under this visa, an applicant is allowed to bring along his/ her spouse and dependent children. Though this visa restricts an applicant to stay with his sponsoring employer, the spouse might take up an employment of his/ her preference. Children are free to go to any school of choice.

Aussizz on behalf of its applicants facilitates in each of these visa processing activities. Our professionals are thorough about their job and are completely knowledgeable about Business Long stay Visa Subclass 457 to help you effectively.