Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) (subclass 400)

The Short Stay Activity Visa 400 grants temporary entry into Australia for up to three months to individuals engaging in:

  • Short-term, specialized, non-recurring employment
  • Activities or work that benefits Australia, under specific conditions

It is required for applicants to be outside of Australia at both the time of visa application and issuance.

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Perks of the Temporary Work Visa

  • You may reside in Australia for up to three months and have the option to extend up to six months under certain conditions. The duration starts on the day of your arrival in Australia.
  • You can bring eligible family members to Australia (Please note: Family members are not permitted to work in Australia on a 400 visa)
  • Frequent visits to Australia are possible with a multiple entry visa.


Visa Eligibility Conditions

Criteria to be met for this visa include:

  • Participate solely in short-term, highly specialized, and one-time work or activities
  • Have the appropriate attributes or job history relevant to the proposed work or activity
  • Possess adequate financial resources to maintain oneself and any accompanying family members throughout the stay
  • Receive backing from the inviting Australian organization
  • Comply with the required health and character checks


Work and Activity Restrictions

Ensure to complete your work or activities within six months or less

  • Do not plan to stay in Australia after your visa expires
  • You are not permitted to participate in any form of training or educational courses on this visa
  • Working in the entertainment industry is not allowed (for example, you cannot perform as an entertainer or assist a performing group in Australia. Directing or producing content for broadcast or public performance in Australia is also prohibited. Nevertheless, the 400 visa allows you to participate in promotional events such as a red carpet premiere and promote a rock band without performing.)
  • Do not change your job position during your stay on this visa


Financial Documentation

You are required to demonstrate your financial stability to cover your and your family’s expenses during your stay in Australia. This includes:

  • Employment Agreement
  • Bank Statements or Financial Guarantee Letter
  • Housing


    Health and Character Prerequisites

    Each applicant and their family members must:

    • Undergo a medical examination within the last 12 months before applying for the visa to adhere to health requirements
    • Acquire Police Certificates from all countries where you have resided for 12 months or more in the last decade, after turning 16, to satisfy the character prerequisites


    Healthcare Coverage in Australia

    Unless there is a mutual health agreement between your home country and Australia, you must obtain coverage through Medicare, Australia’s public healthcare system, to manage your healthcare costs while on your visa.

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    Financial Responsibilities to the Australian Government

    You are required to clear any existing debts to the Australian government or have agreed upon a repayment plan before your visa can be issued.

    DISCLAIMER: The information here is for general purposes only and is not legal advice. For more specific advice, please consult a Registered Migration Agent or refer to the Department of Home Affairs at

Visa Class

The Temporary Activity Visa lets you carry out one of the following activities in Australia on a temporary basis.

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