Child Offshore Visa (Subclass 101)

Australia’s Child Offshore Visa facilitates the immigration of children from abroad to live permanently with their parents in Australia, who must be either permanent residents, citizens. This visa covers various categories, including dependent children, orphaned relatives, and adopted children, ensuring they can join their family in Australia. Once granted, it allows these children to access education and public healthcare, integrating them into Australian society.

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Eligibility for application requires the child to be:

  • Backed by their parent or the parent’s partner
  • Not married
  • Less than 18 years old, or:
  • Enrolled full-time in school from 18 to 25 years old, or
  • 18 or older with a disability that prevents employment, relying on parental support

Children included in the application may also bring their own dependents.


Who Is Qualified to Sponsor a Child?

  • A parent who is an Australian citizen
  • A holder of an Australian permanent resident visa or a qualified New Zealand citizen
  • The spouse or de facto partner of the child’s parent

Others who can sponsor include:

  • A step-parent who has separated from the child’s parent but is still legally obligated to care for a child under 18
  • An adoptive parent who adopted the child prior to obtaining Australian citizenship or permanent residency, or NZ citizenship

Sponsoring from outside Australia:

  • You can apply from outside Australia if you have previously entered Australia
  • If you are granted an Australian permanent resident visa but haven’t yet arrived in Australia

For adopting a child after you have obtained Australian or NZ citizenship or permanent residency, consider applying for an Adoption visa (subclass 102).


Requirements for Child Relocation

This visa will only be granted if you fulfill one of the following criteria for minors under 18 years:

  • Written permission is secured from everyone with legal authority over the child’s residency
  • The child’s home nation legally permits their relocation
  • It complies with any applicable Australian child custody laws

It is crucial to consult the document checklist thoroughly while applying for this visa, as it details all the documents you need to provide to validate your claims for the visa.


Further Basic Requirements

Australian immigration includes specific protections for children. It is important that the visa application does not contravene the welfare of a child under 18 years.

Additional requirements are:

  • The authorities might request an assurance of support for the child to ensure that the Australian community does not have to bear the welfare costs of certain migrants. This is required only upon request.
  • The child must meet established health standards, valid typically for 12 months. This health requirement also extends to any dependent family members listed in the application, whether they are migrating or not.
  • Children older than 16 must meet specific character standards, including providing police certificates from each country they have lived in for at least 12 months over the last 10 years after their 16th birthday. These certificates are required only if asked for.
  • The child should not owe any money to the Australian Government, or should have made arrangements to repay any such debts.
  • Biometric data may be requested from the child as part of the visa application process.


Visa Entitlements

This permanent residence visa permits the child to:

  • Permanently live and travel in Australia without restrictions
  • Work and study throughout Australia
  • Join Medicare, Australia’s public health program
  • Seek Australian citizenship when eligible
  • Sponsor family members for permanent residency
  • Travel to and from Australia for the first five years after the visa is granted; a new visa will be necessary after this period to re-enter.

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Visa Class

Australian immigration department in an effort to bring family members together have introduced family visa in Australia. This entitles partners, parents, children and other family members to migrate to this country subject to certain pre-conditions. These visas are essentially sponsored by Australian citizens, permanent residents of this country, and eligible New Zealand citizens.

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