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Income and Expenses

The Institutes in USA are divided into two categories:

  • Public (State supported)
  • Private (Independent)

The institutes can cost variedly depending upon their status and the courses they offer.

  • Private Institutes (High Cost) $35,000
  • Private Institutes (Low Cost) $18,000
  • State Institutes (High Cost) $25,000
  • State Institutes (Low Cost) $12,000

The tuition fees differ as per courses that are been taken by a student.


Living Expenses

The living expenses per annum, including the accommodation and daily expenses are about $8,000 to $10,000. However the lifestyle of the people can differ and accordingly can be the cost.

The regular expenses are redefined as:

  • Rent $150 to $250 per month
  • Groceries $50 to $100 per month
  • Phone & Utilities $50 per month
  • Sundry $50 to $100 per month