Northwest Territories Immigration 2018

Why Northwest Territories?

There is a single patch of beautiful territory, really acres of forests and residents, just about 40,000 in number, that sits between Nunavut and the province of Yukon. This patch is what has been named as Northwestern Territories. Here is a land, rich in resources, like petroleum, gold, natural gas, diamonds, and more, in addition to being home to quite a bustling industrial hub, and a picturesque landscape. Many people from around the world, every year, look for an opportunity for them to work and then settle down in this province.

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What is Express Entry Northwest Territories?

For an individual who wishes to immigrate to the NWT province – if they are eligible under Canada’s Express Entry system, which works on the federal level, and has three programs, one of which should apply to the individual – they will find they’re also eligible to apply under the Express Entry system of Northwest Territories.

What is Provincial Nominee Program Northwest Territories?

For people who are interested in permanently settling in the Northwest Territories, there is the Provincial Nominee Program of the NWT which gives them a way to do so. There are two categories in the program, in one of which the candidate would need to get eligible before they can immigrate here.

These are those two categories

  • Employer Driven Program
  • Business Driven Program