Ontario PNP French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

For applicants who are fluent in French, while indicating a clear interest in working and living permanently in the province, in addition to having registered under Express Entry, and thus entered the Canada Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker Program, might gain eligibility under this particular stream.

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Here is the list of criteria that an applicant would need to fulfill, for eligibility under this category:

  • An applicant would have to have completed their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or their doctorate (PhD) from a college or university in Canada, or a degree that is equivalent to this one but from a foreign institute. Those with a degree from outside Canada would have to present an Educational Credential Assessment to prove the equivalence of the degree to a Canadian one.
  • Only with a CLB level of no less than 7 in French, and no less than 6 in English, to be achieved in a standardized test approved by the provincial government, can an applicant prove language their proficiency.
  • Those people who have sent their applications through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, must be able to show at least 12 months of prior work experience, any time within the last 60 months, in a job with an NOC level o, A, or B. For those applying through CEC, would have to show a similar experience, but sometime in the last 36 months.
  • Through proof of ties to the province, and a statement of intent, an applicant can, and will have to show their intention of permanently residing and working there.
  • There should be a valid proof submitted regarding the applicant’s financial status, for it should be clear that they can support themselves and be able to settle without a problem.

Potential immigrants receiving a Notification of Interest from the province, will then have 45 days to apply under the program. On receiving a nomination by the PNP officials, the applicant will have 30 days, within which they will have to accept this nomination through Express Entry, which will further credit their CRS with 600 points.