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Covid-19 Vaccination

NSW opens January submission for 491 visa applicants

New South Wales has opened January submissions for those applicants who want to apply for Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa and avail Australian Permanent Residency. 

Both eligible students and skilled professionals can apply by submitting ROI (registration of interest) by January 31 this month. The next submission window will open in March. 

With the help of this skilled visa, applicants will be able to live, study and work in the Regional Area of NSW for up to 5 years. It will help them travel to and fro the island nation umpteen times. The application can include family members too. Currently, the visa operates based on invitation. It indicates that you can apply if you have-

  • Territory or state government willing to nominate you
  • Eligible relative sponsoring you

Most of the NSW regions are looking for medical professionals and skilled engineers. At the same time, they are looking for chefs, social workers, carpenters, human resource managers, and carpenters.

Rewards for overseas students with Australian PR pathways

nternational students whose studies were affected heaved a sigh of relief after entering Australia on December 15, 2021. The country's borders were closed due to the pandemic for one and a half years. 

The administration welcomed only those international students who were fully vaccinated. The Department of Home Affairs had earlier designed the Migration Program to achieve social and economic outcomes. 

DHA wants to fill 160,000 students with some individuals on temporary visas. Even the administration plans to introduce several visa changes during the pandemic and offer several pathways for those individuals who want to achieve migration dreams.

Quebec Covid-19 isolation for 5 days

Quebec province plans to reduce the Covid-19 isolation period to 5 days from 10 days for those individuals who completed two vaccine doses or those under 12. It is reserving PCR testing for individuals who are in the high-risk category. 

According to health department officials, an individual post 5 days of isolation can leave quarantine but, he has to wear a mask and stay at a distance from others for another 5 days. Those vaccinated with two doses have to continue with the 10-day isolation guideline. Quebec government said PCR tests are meant for individuals at high-risk only.

Sep 2021 invitation rounds for Canada PNP-focused Express Entry

Nearly 6,500 individuals were issued with Invitations to Apply (ITAs) in September. It is part of the Canadian PNP (Provincial Nomination Program). The program indicates different provincial governments select candidates to meet the labour needs of the respective province and manage the immigration population of the regional area if applicants intend to work and settle in Canada. Each provincial government has to select foreign workers as per their criteria. These workers have to be eligible for Canada permanent resident as per the respective PNP. 

It is the country’s provinces that play a crucial role in selecting immigrants as per PNP. PNP program became the second important route for these individuals who want to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada. 

Going by the estimates, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) conducted 3 Canada Express Entry draws targeting PNP candidates. It issued 635 ITAs as of Sep 1, another 521 ITAs on Sep 15, and it was 761 ITAs till Sep 29. 

The number of Express Entry invitations through the PNP program was higher in September compared to the previous months. 

Earlier, IRCC conducted draws under PNP and CEC (Canadian Experience Class) categories from 2021-start. So far, there have been 18 Provincial Nominee Program draws with ITAs through the Express Entry program. It has doubled now from the previous year.

Take a glance at September invitation rounds of different provinces—


So far, OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program) conducted 5 draws.

Sep 14

The province held invitation rounds for Ph.D. Graduate & Masters Graduates. It invited 691 international student graduates who can apply for the Ontario Provincial Nomination Program. Nearly 627 candidates were issued invitations under the Master Graduate stream. They, however, need EOI (Expression of Interest) scores of at least 35 and above. Nearly 64 candidates with Expression of Interest (EOI) scores of 16 and above were issued ITAs under Ph.D. Graduate stream.

Sep 21

Ontario invited candidates under different streams. These include Foreign Worker, Employer Job Offer, and an Employer job offer: International Student. 

Besides, there were new invitation rounds for 995 candidates under Ontario Provincial Nomination Program.

Sep 22

Ontario held an In-Demand Skills stream under the new intake system. It had invited 65 candidates. 

Overall, the province invited to apply 1,751 candidates for provincial nomination in September. The number is more than 875 compared to the previous month.


Canada suspends international flights from India

Canada has suspended international flights from India till September 21 in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Students who plan to study in Canada will have to wait for some time. Passengers traveling on this route will have to provide pre-departure negative molecular test results from the third country before continuing their journey to the North American nation. 

It is, however, compulsory for those individuals who tested positive to get the Covid-19 molecular test 14-90 days before departure rather than a negative molecular test. Travelers also need to seek permission and stay in the third country for two weeks. These guidelines are mandatory for all those who want to study, work and settle in Canada.

Points to remember

  • Some countries do not permit entry or transit of passengers arriving from India, or those who tested positive
  • The Covid-19 testing for passengers is not available in third countries and international airports
  • If you have been tested positive during transit, you might be quarantined or will have to return to the place of departure.

For any specific information regarding your travel plans to the North American country, speak to Canadian immigration consultants now.