Canada suspends international flights from India

Canada has suspended international flights from India till September 21 in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Students who plan to study in Canada will have to wait for some time. Passengers traveling on this route will have to provide pre-departure negative molecular test results from the third country before continuing their journey to the North American nation.

It is, however, compulsory for those individuals who tested positive to get the Covid-19 molecular test 14-90 days before departure rather than a negative molecular test. Travelers also need to seek permission and stay in the third country for two weeks. These guidelines are mandatory for all those who want to study, work and settle in Canada.

Points to remember :-

  • - Some countries do not permit entry or transit of passengers arriving from India, or those who tested positive
  • - The Covid-19 testing for passengers is not available in third countries and international airports
  • - If you have been tested positive during transit, you might be quarantined or will have to return to the place of departure.

For any specific information regarding your travel plans to the North American country, speak to Canadian immigration consultants now.

Canada accepts 7,300 applications for graduate stream

With the launch of the Permanent Residence from Temporary Residence program, the Canadian government has increased the 40,000 overseas graduates’ intake cap for those applicants who want to study and work in Canada. It is as per the memorandum that stated the immigration department had received a record percentage of applications. IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) had received an additional 7,307 applications to IGS (International Graduate stream of Temporary Residency to Permanent Residency pathway. For instance, PR from TR pathways are the 6 programs that are created to permit French speakers, essential workers, and overseas graduates in the North American country for Canada immigration.

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program draw for 326 applicants

It is Ontario that held the draw for those planning to study in Canada with the second Master Graduate stream on August 25. Every invited candidate as per Canada immigration has to obtain a 37 EOI (Expression of Interest) score for an invitation. International students who completed graduation with a Master’s degree from Ontario institutions have to register for Ontario PNP immigration at any time.

Quebec immigration draw invites 502 candidates

As part of the Arima draw, Quebec invited the list of 502 candidates to apply for Permanent selection in August this year. The immigration department issued invitations to those desiring to settle and work in Canada under QSWP (Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program). Every candidate under the federal skilled worker program must register their EOI (Expression of Interest) in Arima, i.e. Quebec’s online registration portal.

British Columbia PNP invites 74 candidates in Tech draw

British Columbia has issued invitations to 74 candidates who want to work in Canada especially in technology occupations for a provincial nomination in August this year. The new invitations were part of BC PNP (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program).

Saskatchewan invitations for 496 immigrants

It is the Saskatchewan province that held a new immigration draw for nearly 496 immigrants in August this year. This is as per the program to boost full work rights for those who want to migrate to Canada. The skilled worker invitations to apply for provincial nomination are part of the EE (Express Entry) and OID (Occupations In-Demand) categories.

Province of Prince Edward holds PNP draw for 161 candidates

Good news for 161 candidates. It is the Federal government issuing Provincial Nominee Program of the Province of Prince Edward invitations to every applicant who desires to settle and work in Canada this year.

CEC candidates need a CRS score of 403 for EE invitation

The Canadian administration has invited 3000 applicants under Express Entry to apply for those applicants who intend to move to Canada on work purposes this year. The candidate has to be eligible for CEC (Canadian Experience Class) with a score of 403. It is one point less than the previous cutoff score for the CEC draw.

For all details, make it a point to consult our influential panel of Canadian immigration consultants now.


Covid-19 guidelines for international students

Every international student has to follow Covid-19 guidelines even if they do not have an Australian student visa. The public health directions are for those who are unwell, tested positive, and those who seek medical attention.

Different regional areas such as ACT (Australian Capital Territory), Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Western Australia, and Tasmania are offering free Covid-19 treatment and testing.

The following study in Australia procedures you need to follow are :-

  • - International students planning to return to Australia

    It is the Australian government supporting those students planning to return to the country. A small percentage of students who want to study in Australia can return under the ISAP (International Student Arrival Plan).

  • - Support for graduates and international students

    The island nation is at the forefront when it comes to supporting students with a range of visa measures. The measures are temporary.

For more, approach our overseas education and study abroad consultants for Australian rules and regulations.

Australia student visa fee update

The immigration department has given the leverage to waive Australian student visa fees of those international students who submitted a further visa application to complete their studies. It is allowed to those who held a student visa on or after February 1. They could not complete the course with the existing visa due to the pandemic. The fee applies to those who :-

  • * Kept on hold visa for study in Australia and were unable to enter the country due to travel restrictions
  • * Were deprived to reduce part-time study load
  • * Unable to complete work-based placements and training

The measure is not meant for those international students applying for a student visa due to ordinary circumstances.

A Bridging Visa will be issued in case you are applying for a fee waiver. However, the fee exemption has to be checked first. The waiver applies to the student visa application fee.

Refunds will be available for only those students who applied for a student visa earlier. New applications on the other hand will be eligible to have Australian student visa application fee waived.

Study & work commitments for overseas students

It is vital to balance study and work in Australia commitments despite flexibility in the work hours in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Every student working for over 40 hours per fortnight in these sectors must:-

  • * Maintain the course enrolment
  • * Ensure course attendance
  • * Ensure course progress

It will be a breach of Australia visa conditions if any student cancels the enrolment process and discontinues attending classes. You are eligible for Subclass 408 Covid-19 Pandemic visa if you completed a course in tourism and hospitality and received an offer of employment. You should apply for a student visa 3 months before the Australian student visa is bound to expire.

Agriculture visa offers PR pathway in Australia

The new agriculture visa is aimed to target South East Asian and Pacific workers include Australia PR and regional settlement pathways. The Federal Department is planning to introduce a dedicated agriculture visa to those facing an acute shortage in forestry, fisheries, and farming sectors. The Agriculture visa is aimed to include PR and regional settle pathways. The visa is aimed to operate from the next harvest season i.e. September 21. It is the addition of SWP (Seasonal Worker Programme) and PLS (Pacific Labour Scheme) that is considered highly successful by the Australian government. In addition, it is the biggest structural reform to the Australian agriculture labor in the history of the nation.


Covid-19 restrictions for New Zealand immigration

It is Immigration New Zealand that is operating under Alert Level 4 lockdown requirements. Currently, offices are closed with most staff operating remotely. The rules are applicable to all those planning to study, work and settle in New Zealand.

Australia & New Zealand travel norms

Quarantine-free travel between Australia and New Zealand has been suspended. However, there are border restrictions. As per New Zealand immigration, every traveler moving to and fro in these countries have to go through quarantine and isolation. An individual can return to New Zealand if you:-

  • * Are an NZ Permanent Resident or Resident Visa holder
  • * Are an NZ citizen
  • * Have critical purpose and reason to entry


New UK visa route boon for highly skilled Indians

As part of UK immigration, more skilled Indians will benefit from the high potential individual visa route once it is introduced. Applicants under the new UK visa program will have to meet the criteria to enter the country on a work permit even if they do not have a valid job offer.


Covid-19: Get vaccinated if you are green card holder

If you are a green card applicant, you need to get vaccinated during a medical examination before travelling to the USA. Every holder applying within the country must show vaccination proof at the time of taking immigration exam. The exam ensures that applicants who want to settle and work in USA have to follow the health condition.

USA student visa approval for 55,000 Indian students

The USA Mission in India said it has granted over 55,000 visas to Indian students who intend to study in USA and exchange visitors in 2021. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, approval numbers are rising daily.

House passes Budget resolution that includes USA citizenship pathway

It is the USA Congress that passed a budget resolution that includes USA PR pathways for eligible immigrants. It is the Senate that passed the budget plan in August, allowing House committees with the reconciliation package of $3.5 trillion. The budget bill is a blueprint for how the legislation will look like and the package includes a legal status framework for undocumented children those with Temporary Protected Status and farmworkers.

Besides, it also includes child care subsidies, clean energy incentives, family leave programs, and much more. It is the resolution allocating $107 billion. It provides legal permanent status to immigrants and at the same time improving border security. The bill does not say how people will be eligible for a citizenship path. As part of the USA immigration agenda, the citizenship pathway is meant for 11 million undocumented immigrants.

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