Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)

As an international student, you’ve finally got a degree in Australia.

From a great range of courses, scholarship opportunities to a safe and sophisticated environment, you’ve always led by many reasons to love the ‘land of kangaroos’ even more.

And while you are sitting, contemplating on your expiration of student visa, you secretly wish to get an opportunity to extend your stay in Australia. Isn’t it? Voila! Your wish has been granted!

Apply for the Temporary Graduate 485 visa with Aussizz Group and get permitted to live or gain valuable work experience in Australia!

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Why Temporary Graduate Visa?

The Temporary Graduate visa is specifically designed for the recent international graduates who have completed at least 2 years of study from an Australian educational institution.

Make the most of the opportunity if you are an international student who wants to extend stay in Australia. Be aware of the eligibility criteria process at the time of applying for Temporary Graduate Visa.

However, applicants are only allowed to hold one temporary visa as a primary applicant.

The visa is divided into two streams

Graduate Work Stream

A visa in this stream is valid for 18 months and applicable to those international students who have

  • Finished 2 years of study in Australia
  • Occupation listed on MLTSSL (Medium and Long term Strategic Skill List)
  • A relevant skill assessment in that occupation


Post-Study Work Stream

A visa in this stream is valid up to 4 years and applicable to those international students who have

  • Hold an Australian student visa after 5th November 2011.
  • Hold a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degree from an Australian education provider irrespective of their field of study.


Benefits Of Temporary Graduate Visa

  • You can include your eligible family members in the visa application.
  • It provides you and your family members a right to live, work or study along with the freedom to travel in and out of Australia for the duration of visa.


Eligibility Criteria

The key requirements to get eligible for this visa are

  • You must have age less than 50
  • You must be inside Australia at the time of lodging a visa application
  • You must meet the Australian study requirements
  • You must have applied for the visa within 6 months of receiving the results
  • You must meet the specific requirements of each stream (Graduate or Post Graduate)
  • You must have health insurance for the duration of stay in Australia
  • You must have at least competent English
  • You can apply for this visa once in life time


Study requirements to be met before applying for the Temporary Graduate Visa

You can only meet the Australian study requirement if your course(s) is/are

  • Registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)
  • Conducted in English
  • Include a duration period of minimum 92 weeks or at least 16 calendar months
  • Undertaken on a valid student visa in Australia
  • Not Associated with English language proficiency or enabling programs


Health & Character Requirements

  • You and the dependent family members in your application must undergo medical examinations to fulfil the health requirements.
  • To meet character requirements, you must show confirmation of having applied for an Australian Federal Police check (with 12 months’ validity) before you lodge for a visa.


Health Insurance Requirements

  • You must have appropriate level of health insurance to cover the health costs of you and your family members for the duration of stay in Australia.
  • Your health insurer can either be in Australia or in your home country.
  • If you are applying for a temporary graduate visa in Australia, you must have an active health insurance before lodging for a visa application.

*If you are still on student visa, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) will be accepted when you lodge your application for Temporary Graduate visa. However, if you no longer hold the student visa or granted a bridging visa, OSHC will not be accepted.

No debts to the Australian Government

You must not have any outstanding debts to the Australian Government when the visa is granted.

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Eligible Family Members To Include In Visa Application

You can include following family members in your visa application

  • Your spouse
  • Your or your partner’s child or step child

At Aussizz Group, we are registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) and know exactly what it takes to get visa granted from Australian Immigration Department. With us, you will have a benefit of constant updates and extensive knowledge base which we accrued by processing thousands of cases successfully.

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If you are applying this visa under the post-study work stream, a skill assessment is not needed.

Only if you are applying under the Graduate stream, you must provide an evidence of having your skills assessed by the relevant authority.

While the checklist varies depending on different cases, some of the common documents required are:

  • Current passports or travel documents
  • Copy of birth certificate showing parents of both primary applicant and the spouse
  • Evidence of name change
  • Certified copies of marriage certificates
  • If you are in de facto relationship, evidence showing a relationship for at least 12 months is required
  • If the spouse is widowed, divorced or separated permanently, a certified copy of death certificate, divorce or separation documents are required.
  • Health & Character documents