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Professional Year Program in Australia

Mainly called the job preparation program, Professional Year focuses on structured career development to enhance the abilities of Engineering / IT / Accounting students to obtain employment which is much suitable for their abilities. It's always a process to get nurtured for any individual to get into a good organization or a company in Australia (Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane & Clayton). So, before you step forward to get into a desired profession in the real world, why not grab some proficiency when it comes to your skills!

The Professional Year is famous for the level of superiority it provides to all the international students, especially IT Graduates, Engineering Graduates and Accounting Graduates for their upcoming endeavors, in whichever profile they are willing to opt for and in whatever profile they find themselves to be suitable in.

With an overall program duration of 44 weeks, 12 weeks are of internship wherein the student is tuned-up in a way that he/she cope up with the environment of the workplace. The period of internship extensively improves the level of communication that any student possesses.

Professional Year Program's

IT Professional Year

Australian Computer Society (ACS) developed the IT professional year program to help overseas ICT (Information & Communications Technology) graduates acquire practical skills and fundamental training.

Engineering Professional Year

Professional Year Program in Engineering was developed by EEA (Engineering Education Australia). This 44 week program helps international engineering graduates gain vital insights into the Australian workplace demands..

Accounting Professional Year

Developed by CPA Australia, ICA (Institute of Chartered Accountants) and IPA (Institute of Public Accountants, Accounting PYP (Formerly SMIPA) is a professional year program for accounting graduates...

What are the basic requirements to apply for a Professional Year Program?

  • The candidate who is willing to apply for a Professional Year Program in Australia should necessarily possess a Bachelor's degree in either Accounting, IT or Engineering.
  • You need to have an overall score of 6 bands to apply for PSW 485, but the Accounting Professional Year Program has put up criteria wherein a candidate has to score 6 bands in each module for TR 485 to get registered in a Professional Year Program.
  • Must have more than 10 months in hand in TR 485 visa.

What are the benefits of Professional Year?

  • It helps you to gain 5 points towards an International students' PR Application.
  • Helps you gain the practical experience of the Australian Culture.
  • Adds up ample value to your CV.
  • Develops Professional Skills through the internship.
  • Helps you to obtain a Professional Year certificate.
  • Helps you to maintain and develop your own network with the industry professionals.

Accounting Professional Year Program (Formerly SMIPA)

The Accounting Professional Year Program (Formerly SMIPA) is available to the students who have grabbed their hands on an Australian accounting qualification as a result of at a least two-year study in Australia. A Professional Year program approved by the Department of Home Affairs, this one has a wide scope of taking the Accounting students to a height. Click to Read More

Engineering Professional Year program

The Professional Year in Engineering is the only Australian government established program carrying the work-readiness, developing and enhancing the skills in the employment of the recent Engineering graduates. In a way trying to widen the skills that an Engineer can possess that can overcome its shortage in Australia. Click to Read More

IT Professional Year program

Endorsed and developed by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), the Professional Year program provides an additive knowledge, practical skills and training to the students who have hands on and have graduated in Information Technology (IT). The students who choose the program are in definite terms, planning to enhance their career prospects and also choose to study from an institute which becomes a perfect pathway for them to study and find a relevant job in a good company or an organization within Australia itself. Click to Read More

Institutes Accounting Information Technology Engineering
Navitas Professional
Monash Professional Pathways
Performance Education
Accountants Resource Centre
Australian Technical & Management College
Education Centre of Australia
Queensland International Business Academy
Indus Institute
University of Queensland Australia
Academies Australasia Polytechnic
Stanley College

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