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April 03, 2020

After COVID-19, What Are Your Australia Immigration Options? [Full Details]

There is some respite for the immigration industry now following the new Department of Home Affairs (DHA), Australia guidelines announced recently. This comes in the wake of Coronavirus (COVID-19) that claimed thousands of lives and impacted businesses worldwide. The immigration industry is coming back on track, according to sources.

Even though there is a travel ban imposed by the Australian administration, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is appealing visa applicants not to panic. Offshore visa holders who are on Temporary Skill Shortage Visa-subclass 482 and awaiting to return to the country have been told to inform their current employers online. This way, it can help them save their jobs.

On the other hand, students who left for their home countries after completion of their semesters are advised to inform their universities and institutions. The DHA adopted a flexible approach towards them. One of the options is online study that can be acceptable only if their college permits them. There is a travel ban with the DHA asking travellers in Australia to follow self-isolation for two weeks.

What the Other Directives are:

  • Both relatives and parents can apply for visitor visas and follow all immigration instructions for a further stay
  • Students can apply for a waiver if they want to bring their parents on an urgent basis
  • No hindrances for any individual who wants to apply for a Bridging Visa B in Australia. However, he has to apply on urgent basis so that his visa won’t be cancelled.

How 2020 has Been for Australia Immigration?

2020 has been a different year for skilled professionals planning to live, work and settle indefinitely. Unlike the previous years where invitations were issued to visa holders possessing Skilled Independent Visa-subclass 189, the Department of Home Affairs is considering invitations only if the applicant fulfils occupation point criteria.

Two of the prominent visas Skilled Nominated Visa-subclass 190 and Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa-subclass 491 are in the news. A large number of invitations were issued by DHA in the last couple of months. The invitations are meant to those who meet the occupation points and those planning to settle in Regional Areas of Australia. To a large extent, Australia immigration played a significant role in fulfilling expectations of many individuals who want to live, work and migrate on Permanent Resident visa.

Some FAQS for People in Australia

  1. In the wake of Coronavirus, can an individual apply for another visa if he wants to stay in Australia? What is its process?
    There is no change in visa rules even at times of Coronavirus. Procedures remain the same. You can apply for another visa, just days before the expiry of their current visa. In such circumstances, you are left with a bridging visa and can apply. This allows you to stay in Australia before any visa decision is made.

  2. What is ‘No Further Stay’ in a Visa?
    If your visa condition mentions ‘No Further Stay’, you have to leave the country. It is not allowed for you to extend your stay, nor can you make a valid application for other visa types while staying in Australia. If you want to stay beyond the expiry date of the visa, you have to request for a waiver for that particular condition. You can always take the help of a Registered Migration Agent who can suggest you the ways by which you can request for a waiver of the No Further Stay that is mentioned on your existing visa.

  3. Is It Feasible to Apply for A New Visa if You want to Continue Your Stay in Australia? With the Help of an 8558 Condition, Can a Visa Holder Remain in The Country?
    In case you want to extend your stay in Australia, you can do so and apply for another visa. Make it a point not to breach any visa condition. It also applies to those visa holders who have the 8558 condition and completed their stay for one year out of 18 months.

  4. Describe the 8558 Visa Condition?
    On an 8558 visa condition, you are not allowed to stay for over a year within 18 months. This discretionary condition is meant for visitor visa holders who are allowed to reside for 12 months.

    The condition allows visitor visa holders who are parents to meet their children on multiple occasions. But, they are allowed at least one year stay on each entry.

  5. What can an Individual do if He does not have an Australian Visa?
    You can apply for Bridging E-Visa in case your visa has expired. It is a short-term visa that helps you stay legally before leaving the country.

FAQS for Those Outside Australia

  1. Want to Return to Australia on a Bridging B Visa?
    The visa is granted to those who are in Australia and not outside. In case your Bridging Visa B has expired, you can apply for a new visa. But, you have to remain outside the country.

  2. Provisions for Those Who want to Enter Australia?
    Apply for a new visa if you are outside the country. Before the expiry of your visa, you cannot enter Australia. Also, you cannot extend visa validity.

  3. Are Former PR Visa Holders Allowed to Travel to the Country?
    Return Resident visa applies to former PR visa holders. They are allowed to apply for the visa. However, they have to wait before they are granted the visa.

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