Aussizz Conclave Day 3
May 22, 2024

Day 3 of Aussizz Conclave’24: Know Topics & Timings

The Aussizz Conclave 2024 continues to provide invaluable insights and guidance for individuals aspiring to build a successful life and career in Australia. Day 3 of the conclave is packed with expert sessions covering a wide range of occupations, each offering unique pathways to permanent residency (PR) and professional growth. From the construction industry to cookery, automotive, telecommunication, and management occupations, this day’s sessions focus on high-demand careers that can significantly impact your journey in Australia.

Who Should Attend and Why It Matters

This conclave is perfect for international students, recent graduates, and professionals looking to enhance their career prospects in Australia. It offers a unique opportunity to interact with industry experts, gain clarity on course selections, understand PR pathways, and network with peers and mentors. By attending these sessions, participants can make informed decisions that will help them secure stable jobs, achieve PR status, and transform their lives in Australia.

Day: 3; 26th June 2024

Session 1: 12 PM – 1 PM AEST
Construction Industry Occupations: Courses and PR Pathways
Delve into the opportunities within the construction industry, including courses and PR pathways for various trades such as building and construction, carpentry, wall tiling, painting and decoration, and civil construction design. This session will highlight the high demand for skilled tradespeople, job stability, and attractive salaries, showcasing how a career in construction can lead to PR and long-term success in Australia.

Session 2: 1 PM – 2 PM AEST
Cookery Occupations: Courses and PR Pathways
Explore the world of culinary arts with courses that lead to rewarding careers and PR pathways in Australia. This session will discuss the growing demand for chefs and cooks in Australia’s vibrant hospitality industry, emphasizing the job opportunities, competitive salaries, and the journey to obtaining PR through cookery occupations.

Session 3: 2 PM – 3 PM AEST
Automotive Occupations: Courses and PR Pathways
Learn about the diverse career options in the automotive industry, covering courses and PR pathways for roles such as automotive mechanics, electricians, and technicians. This session will highlight the importance of the automotive industry to Australia’s economy, the steady demand for skilled workers, and the potential for career growth and PR.

Session 4: 3 PM – 4 PM AEST
Telecomm Network Engineering: Courses and PR Pathways
Understand the critical role of telecommunication network engineering in the modern world. This session will cover courses and PR pathways for this high-demand field, discussing job prospects, career growth, and how this profession is essential to Australia’s technological advancement.

Session 5: 3 PM – 4 PM AEST
Management Occupations: Courses and PR Pathways
Discover the various management occupations, including supply chain management, management consulting, construction management, and sports management. This session will discuss the relevant courses and PR pathways, highlighting the importance of management roles in driving business success and the opportunities for career advancement and PR.

Session 6: 4 PM – 5 PM AEST
Refusals and Cancellation Appeals at AAT
Gain insights into handling visa refusals and cancellations through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). This session will provide practical advice on how to navigate the appeals process, increasing your chances of a successful outcome and continuing your journey in Australia.

Session 7: 4 PM – 5 PM AEST
Professional Job Seeking Workshop: Unlocking Job Opportunities in Australia for International Students (from Migration Perspective)
Participate in this workshop to learn effective job-seeking strategies tailored for international students. This session will offer tips on resume building, interview preparation, and networking, helping you unlock job opportunities and succeed in the Australian job market.

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Session 8: 5 PM – 6 PM AEST
Engage directly with experts in this interactive session designed to address individual concerns and provide personalized advice. Participants can ask questions about studying, working, and living in Australia, gaining practical solutions to navigate their journey effectively.


The Aussizz Conclave 2024 is an essential event for anyone looking to build a prosperous future in Australia. With expert guidance on various occupations and PR pathways, attendees will leave with a clear understanding of their career options and the steps needed to achieve their goals. Join us on June 26th, 2024, and take the first step towards a brighter future in Australia.

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