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April 14, 2023

Australian Migration Updates for April 14, 2023

Hey there, young dreamers!

If you’re planning to migrate to Australia anytime soon, you might want to check out the latest updates we’ve got for you.

Let’s dive right into the most recent migration news brought in by OccuSearch

RDA Northern Inland Reaches Maximum Quota Limit for 491 Visa Applications:

Bad news for those eyeing the RDA Northern Inland region – they’ve already hit their limit for 491 visa applications.

But don’t worry, there are still other regional pathways available. Check out the NSW Government website directly for more info.


Western Australia State Nomination Process update:

Here’s some good news!

You no longer need a signed State nomination agreement to be nominated for WA State Nomination.

You’ll get an email and notification on SkillSelect within five working days post-approval.

But if you were approved before March 31, you still have 28 days to sign and return your State nomination agreement.


Western Australia Invitation Round Results for April 6, 2023:

Curious about the latest invitation round results for Western Australia?

Check out this table:


Tasmanian Skilled Migration State Nomination Program:

Tasmania has slightly adjusted their nomination quotas – the Subclass 190 quota has increased by 150 places, while the Subclass 491 quota has decreased by the same amount.

Their final 2022-2023 program year allocation is:

SC 190 Visa – 2,150 places
SC 491 Visa – 2,100 places

But don’t worry, you can still apply for the Tasmanian Skilled Migration Nomination.

Invitations will continue to be issued throughout the rest of the year (2022-23) and into the next program year (2023-24).

ACT Invitation Round Results for April 5, 2023:

Lastly, for all you curious cats reading this, here is the invitation round results for the ACT:

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