GTE Requirements for Australia
August 20, 2021

Study in Australia: What are GTE Requirements?

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is a personal statement submitted by international students who want to pursue Australian studies.

Every candidate for a student visa (subclass 500) has to provide a statement to show that they intend to pursue studies, to experience a world-class education system. It can also be called a Statement of Purpose that conveys the genuine intention of applying for a subclass 500 student visa.

As an applicant, you must address its requirements in English and attach the document with the other student visa documents. You can also write Genuine Temporary Entrant in your regional language, if you are not comfortable with English, as you only have to submit a translated copy to the visa officer. If you pass all the criteria of going abroad, it becomes easy for you to get a visa at minimum time. It would be better if you provide relevant evidence for your statement.

Proceeding further, GTE requirements include few details related to educational background, personal life, the reason to choose the course, etc.

Let’s Discuss GTE Requirements Necessary for Subclass 500:

  • Educational Background
    • In the personal statement, it is necessary to provide all the details regarding previous study and the evidence of completing the qualification.
    • Name of your education provider and the study in Australia period of completing the qualification is also required.
    • Attach the certificates of attainment with the GTE.

  • Explain the Gap between Studies if It is More Than Six Months
    • If you have any gap between previous studies, explain it in the GTE with relevant reasons and uncertainties.
    • It is necessary to show that you are a genuine and responsible candidate who wants to gain quality education.

  • Financial Situation in the Home Country
    There are few factors that affect your visa application in which financial stability is one of them. Appropriate evidence is needed relating to the:
    • Assets and liabilities
    • List of people depending on you
    • Political instability in the home country 
    • Economic situation of the country

  • Why Study in Australia?

    It is the most crucial part because you have to explain the reasons for choosing a course in Australia. In this section, you have to cover few points like:
    • Reason for selecting the nation
    • Why choose this course
    • Different courses related to your selected field
    • The reason behind choosing the particular university
    • Courses and opportunities available in your selected university
    • Career opportunities available in your field

    Apart from these details, it is also necessary to write the reason for not choosing your own country to complete your field degree. This section will include the benefits and opportunities you are getting in the island nation and that are not available in your home country. Compare the courses and institutions present in your home country, similar to the courses chosen in Australia.Apart from these details, you have to mention the career opportunities available in your home country after completing the degree, as this helps in conveying your intentions more effectively to the case officer.

  • Future Career Prospects in the Selected Course
    • You have to explain career opportunities that you can get through your course.
    • The selected program should be relevant to your previous study background. If somehow it is not related to your field, explain the reasons in a descriptive way.
    • How a particular course in Australia helps you to get a job in your field.

  • Personal Background:
    Make sure to write about family background and evidence of financial information that should be good enough to make you look financially stable in all aspects.

  • Immigration History
    • Your immigration history should be covered in your GTE statement 
    • Provide necessary travel details if you have done in any other country, including any overseas study or any work experience you have.
    • If you have any visa refusals, make sure to provide details about them with genuine reasons.

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Documentation of Supporting Evidence

At last, you have to attach all the required documents of the information which you have provided on your GTE. For instance, before choosing any course, you have to justify the requirement of that profession in your home country. For this, you can attach evidence of advertisements for the profession and the number of job vacancies available in your region.

Additionally, education certificates, financial statements, and certificates in extracurricular activities should be attached with the GTE for reference. If you attach all required details with the GTE, it will speed your visa application and, there are chances that you will get your visa at an early stage.

GTE Processing Time

After completion of the GTE statement, it takes at least 10 working days to get an assessment of the Genuine Temporary Entrant questionnaire. It is the GTE Australia processing time that depends on how soon you submit to the immigration authority. Take the help of Overseas Education Consultants who inform you about the outcome of the questionnaire. 

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