Australia Education Summit 2022
January 20, 2022

Planning to Study in Australia? – You Must Join Our Education Summit 2022

Things can go off track if you switch to the wrong course, university, and degree program. They become difficult for you when you apply for a student visa extension at. That is why it’s important that you need to understand the course particulars and criteria.

Given the education system in Australia, you have to be careful from the time you obtain a student visa to landing onshore. It is about courses, universities, degree programs, and Regional Areas of Australia.

But with ample insights from education experts, you can bridge the gap in the right direction. The insights help you to build a bright future. Plan everything by which you can choose the right career after completion of studies in Australia.

Where to Find the Education Experts for Your Study in Australia Plans?

Rather than searching elsewhere, you should turn up to the biggest virtual event organised by Aussizz Group, Education Summit 2022. It will be held virtually from January 31 to February 4, 2022. It is the first of its kind Australian summit attended by different experts speaking on diverse topics–from courses, study pathways, career options, to how Regional Areas in Australia are beneficial to study and settle in Australia. They are experts in own fields and have many years of experience in the education industry.

Utilise the opportunity to interact with the representatives of prominent Australian universities. They share the success stories of students and also describe the curriculum.

What are the Courses to Choose from When Planning to Study in Australia?

It is time for the international students to capitalise on the event by having complete know-how of the different courses. These include Information Technology, Engineering, Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Research, Community Service Programs, Teaching, Social Work, Civil Construction, Trade Courses, Nursing, and Vocational Courses.

Everything you want to know about the courses, securing admission to an Australian university, meeting eligibility criteria, getting a skill assessment from the relevant occupation bodies to career and future stay pathways are all covered.

Courses in Detail

Different courses such as IT and engineering have a list of different specialisations.

  • IT – If you want to work as an IT professional, you should be aware of its different streams. These include Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Data Sciences, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and Business Analytics.
  • Engineering – Civil, industrial, mining, and construction management are the different streams covering the engineering occupation.

English Language Proficiency Test

One of the important criteria in the student visa is to crack the English language proficiency test i.e. IELTS or PTE. Australian universities do not admit overseas students who have not cleared these tests. These tests are mandatory for them to study in Australia. A higher score in each of the tests helps them to secure Permanent Residency.

Like courses, you can get detailed information on IELTS/PTE shared by the eminent speakers at the event.

Genuine Temporary Entrant

Your student visa is incomplete without GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant). It is a written statement described as the most important instrument of an Australian student visa. Without it, your dreams to study in Australia prove futile. How to complete the statement? On what grounds the case officer clears your application for a student visa?

If you are unaware of these concepts and want to know how it is written in a simplified manner, you should attend the important GTE session covered by the expert.

Chiefly, the main questions forming the essence of the written statement include:

  • Purpose of the visit
  • Reason for the visit
  • How the course helps you
  • Will it help you to chart your future
  • Do you intend to leave for your home country after completion of studies?

Regional Areas of Australia

The list cannot be complete if you are unaware of the Regional Areas of Australia. Different experts from Regional Areas will shed light on the importance of their respective Areas and how it can help students build a bright future and the advantages of studying in these places. Even the speakers make you aware of how vocational courses in these areas are beneficial to international students.

In all its entirety, you should not miss the Q&A sessions of the experts covering Regional Areas, universities, courses, and specialisations and how different courses can help students secure Permanent Residency. In particular, there are 7 Regional Areas – Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

Equally so, there are sessions for those overseas students who are curious to know how to bring family members/dependents on a student visa and how to avail health insurance cover.

Family and Dependents

In hindsight, it is the Australian administration allowing student visa applicants to bring them to the country. The members can apply on a dependent visa that includes parents, partners, children, and siblings.

Health insurance

Before leaving for Australia, you need to secure yourself with the insurance cover. The cover protects you in case of hospitalisation or to avail treatment.

That’s not it. There is a lot in the Education Summit for which you need to be a part of it. From getting all your doubts clear to exploring career opportunities, from skill assessment to getting guidance for making the right choice in choosing the suitable course and university; you get everything sorted out by the QEAC experts.

It’s time to bring things into action for your Study in Australia dream.

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