Skilled migration to Australia
November 12, 2019


Australian visas, immigration points and regional areas all go hand in hand in 2019. Each of them is dominating the headlines. It comes at a time when every applicant aspires to settle in the country. When it comes to skilled migration, it is competition building up due to extra points. But, it is the recruitment industry appealing applicants to opt for regional areas.


Planning to migrate to Australia from Dubai? Search for golden opportunities in regional areas in comparison to 5 big cities. Over the years, cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane have become overcrowded. This is why competition rose manifold. More specific, migrants prefer to move to regional areas.

Like you, many professionals experience different set of challenges this year. Australia announced strict measures by bringing new visas and immigration policies. A lot is getting tougher with each passing day. It includes few invitations by the administration and more points for Permanent Residency.

Without doubt, this is where the immigration and education consultants step in. These experts have been asking skilled professionals to boost PR points. When it comes to PR in the category of skilled migration Australia, some visas are in the forefront. These include—

  • Skilled Independent Visa—subclass 189
  • Skilled Nominated Visa—subclass 190
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa—subclass 491

Unlike previous years, 2019 has not been a smooth year for these professionals. It is greener pastures such as Regional Areas that can help them to realize work dreams. Besides, they can do well in collecting extra points for Permanent Residency. It depends on choices.


Despite immigrants confronted with many challenges, there is nothing to worry. Listed below are some issues meant for different individuals:

For Skilled Professionals

1. If you are a skilled professional, you can benefit working in a firm in regional area. Some Regional Areas are–

  • Northern Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia
  • Tasmania

2. Every regional area government allows professionals to work and seek Permanent Residency.

3. Be fortunate as your occupation is part of the regional area’s Skilled Occupation List. Percentage of scoring points in Accountancy, Engineering and IT occupations increased this year.

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For Parents

1. Seek benefits of the new Sponsored Parent Visa—subclass 870 if you are a parent.

2. The visa allows you to stay for five years. Apply for the visa again after it has lapsed.

For Partners

1. Your partner can secure 10 points, 5 points higher from the previous year.

2. She has to be highly-skilled and competent in the English language.

In a nutshell, consultants safeguard the interests of visa applicants. All this is due to the announcement of the strict immigration policies a couple of months back. Discuss issues on skilled migration, family-sponsored visa, and employer sponsored visa. Our teams ensure you the best possible feedback!

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