Australian Visa Application Get Denied
October 29, 2016

7 Potential Reasons Why Australian Visa Application Get Denied

The decision to study in Australia is one that a growing number of students make every year. However, many of them couldn’t get their student visa because of the lack of vigilance and submission of required documents to the Department of Home Affairs. As per the statistics of last year, around 28000 world wide students were refused a visa because they failed to maintain compliance with the required criteria.

Have you also gone through the rigidities of planning and submitting the documents for a visa, only to end up with a rejection?

Are you about to make your visa application and want to get prepared against a denial?

You can look for the following signs to avoid making certain mistakes and minimise the chances of visa refusal.

Top Reasons for Australian Visa Application Rejection

  • inadequate Information
    One of the major reasons behind the visa refusal is applicants don’t provide sufficient information to prove their claims made in the application. Take this, for instance, if you are saying yes on whether you’ve been to Australia in the past for any purpose, you are required to attach a proof of that trip, which can either be passport copies or travel documents.

  • False Information
    If the Department of Home Affairs found that the information or claims made in the application are false. The applicant can be charged with visa fraud on the basis of wrong information provided. He/she will either be expelled or prohibited from entering Australia forever.

  • Inability to meet the health requirements
    One cannot expect of visa approval without meeting the health requirements. Department of Home Affairs generally ask applicants to get tested for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis or Hepatitis before the visas are issued.

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  • Inapposite Character grounds
    Applicants who have been involved in the crimes or cacophony in the past may get subjected to visa cancellation. Make sure to abide to the law and policies of government.

  • Lack of Financial Support Proof
    It is one of the major reasons for the Australian Visa refusal. The applicant needs to satisfy the Department of Home Affairs by providing enough documents of the financial stability. Financial support documents can either be from the home country or from a person who is granted visa for Australia.

  • Insufficient Proof of English Language Proficiency
    Student visa requires applicants to provide evidence of their English language proficiency. While those who have English as their first language exempted from this requirement, non-native English Speakers are required to submit IELTS, PTE or TOFEL certificates as a proof of their English language skills. The visa application may get rejected if the applicant failed to meet this requirement.

  • Avoid getting the Professional Help
    Applying for visa demands a lot of preparation and a thorough knowledge of government and Department of Home Affairs requirements. While not hiring the professionals can help you save some bucks, it will never save you from big headaches or frustrations.

Being denied for a student visa is certainly a disappointing situation. One of the best ways to avoid such problem is to speak to a qualified migration expert for support.

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We are registered with the office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) that helps us to stay updated with the current laws to provide you with the correct advice.

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