TSS Visa not permissible without Labour Market Testing Evaluation
October 11, 2018

TSS Visa not permissible without Labour Market Testing Evaluation

The island nation of Australia has been acclaimed as a preferred destination for different individuals belonging to various trades. These individuals are mechanics, landscape architects, chefs, locksmiths, stonemasons, workers and plumbers working in different occupations in many Australian cities, states and territories. Thousands of youth across the globe are added to the country’s skilled workforce category each year thereby enhancing its overall growth and prosperity.

So much so, there is a growing demand with plenty of skilled job opportunities awaiting these individuals belonging to India and other Asian countries. It is Australian employer who before sponsoring an applicant/employee has to carry out Labour Market Testing (LMT) norms. These norms which are enforced by the administration have to be implemented on a mandatory basis.

Among procedures, the employer has to follow include –

The applicant has to submit valid documents like an education degree in one of the professions/trades and proof of employment certificate for at least 2 years.

Besides, he should be conversant in the English language at the time of processing visa application.

The application can also include details of the applicant’s dependents.

Whereas on the other hand, employer heading any of these occupations have to implement LMT norms within their type of industry. These norms are the requirement of Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa subclass 482 that replaced 457 visa in March this year.

Listed below are procedures both employer and employee bear in mind before employee being an eligible holder of TSS visa –

Who does 482 benefit

The 482 visa is a temporary visa enabling an employer to sponsor a skilled workforce from across the globe. It is administration providing leeway to the employer so that the latter addresses labour shortages existing within his industry. Under visa guidelines, every employee after being sponsored has to work full-time in Australia and within the nominated position of the advertisement posted by the employer.

In all likelihood, the advertisement works to the advantage of Australian worker who is preferred more for nominated position. Interestingly though different skilled occupations in Australia are based on short-term, medium to long-term stream and regional stream whereby each of them benefits applicants with respective occupations on the basis of visa. The streams consist of STSOL (Short-Term Skilled Occupations List), MLTSSL (Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List) and ROL (Regional Occupation List). If STSOL is valid up to 2 years, it is MLTSSL/ROL valid for a period of 4 years. Typically, Temporary Skill Shortage visa depends on applicants meeting English and age requirements.

A lot is decided by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Australia checking relevant information whereby applicant’s qualifications and skills against nominated position on the basis of TSS visa are met. Besides, the visa also supports details of health and character of a person. Police clearance certificates should also be included wherein every applicant has to produce documents of living in a particular country for 12 months or more since the time he has turned 16.

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LMT criteria for employers

On the one hand, employees furnish relevant documents of age proof, education qualifications and work experience based on TSS visa whereas employers, on the other hand, have to follow every instruction of LMT so that they sponsor overseas workers. One of the criteria that need to be followed is that they have to advertise in selected sites officially recommended by the Australia Government.

As per Government norms, the main reason to post the ad and run it across the country is to help its citizens to gain employment. If there is a shortage of the required workforce, the administration allows employers to sponsor overseas workers from different regions across the world. There are ample opportunities provided to Australian workforce with time duration of applicant job’s lasting 2-4 years.

Despite your 2-4 year stay in Australia, you can seek range of  482 visa health insurance plans as a skilled worker possessing Temporary Skill Shortage visa – subclass 482. Track the best plans offered by reputed insurance providers and benefit from those available within your budget.

Whom to consult

As an applicant, there are a number of factors often leaving you confused. In such a scenario, it is best to take immediate help of immigration expert whose guidance with many years of experience and expertise solves many doubts arising in your mind. The expert ensures every detail on TSS matches with job requirement you had applied for and whether the sponsor evaluates job application on the basis of Labour Market Testing (LMT) norms.

TSS visa consultation, on the other hand, is everything about providing every migration assistance—whether it is nomination and business sponsorship of the applicant to lodging visa application. Eligibility assessment stage to lodging visa application and finalisation are verified in general. It protects the rights of the applicant thus keeping employer and government informed before processing visa application in liaison to following Department of Home Affairs rules.

Book your visa consultation on Temporary Skilled Shortage now with our panel of experts explaining procedures involving LMT norms, TSS rules, sponsorship criteria, government policies and the Department of Home Affairs and DIPB rules/regulations. They brief you with immediate solutions whereby you process visa application on a timely basis.

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