Adoption Visa (Subclass 102)

The Adoption visa (subclass 102) allows those children to live in Australia who are adopted or going to be adopted by an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

An adoptive parent usually lodges the application on child’s behalf and is responsible to take the sponsorship.

If a state or territory adoption authority is adopting a child, the application for the visa can be lodged before the adoption is finalised.

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Benefits Of The Adoption Visa

An adoption visa allows to

  • Live, study and work in Australia for indefinite period
  • Get health coverage through Medicare (Australia’s scheme for health related care and expenses)
  • Apply for Australian citizenship (if eligible)
  • Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
  • Leave and revisit Australia for five years from the date visa is granted


Eligibility Criteria for Adoptive Parents

  • You must be 18 years old or more
  • You must be child’s adoptive or prospective adoptive parent
  • You must be either an Australian citizen, holder of permanent resident visa or an eligible New Zealand citizen
  • You must have adopted or followed the process of adopting a child with the involvement of an Australian state or territory adoption
  • You must have adopted the child under the laws of your country (except Australia) and been

If you are adopting a child while living in Australia, the approval will only be given if your country has signed

  • The Hague Adoption Convention agreement
  • A Bilateral agreement with Australia

Visit: to know more about the Hague Adoption Convention and a bilateral agreement.

If you adopted a child when you were outside Australia


Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

An adoptive parent should only lodge an application for this visa if the child

  • is under 18 years of age
  • living outside of Australia
  • adopted or in the process of being adopted by the sponsor
  • Meets health and character requirements
  • an evidence for assurance of support


NOTE: If the child is under 18 years of age at the time of lodging an application but turned 18 before the visa is granted, the child will not be considered eligible for this visa.


Best Interests of the Child

An adoption visa will not be granted if it is against the best interest of a child younger than 18 of age.
Visit to know more about the measures of protection for the child.


Family Members in the Visa Application

The applicant can include their siblings in the visa application.

All the dependent family members must meet health and characters.


Health and Character Requirements

You and all the dependent family members in the visa application must have

  • Medical examinations done within 12 months of lodging a visa
  • Police certificates from each country you lived in for more than 12 months in the past ten years


Debts to the Australian Government

You must have paid or arranged to repay any outstanding debts to the Australian government before the visa is granted.

The information provided here is only for general understanding and does not constitute legal advice. We recommend consult a Registered Migration agent for further information or check with Department of Home Affairs at

Visa Class

Australian immigration department in an effort to bring family members together have introduced family visa in Australia. This entitles partners, parents, children and other family members to migrate to this country subject to certain pre-conditions. These visas are essentially sponsored by Australian citizens, permanent residents of this country, and eligible New Zealand citizens.

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