Newfoundland & Labrador PNP Immigrant Entrepreneur Program

While the conditions required for qualification in this category are still under revision, and they might change within the year, here’s a general idea of what this stream is all about.

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If an applicant either purchases or establishes a business which is in the field of healthcare agriculture, natural resources, manufacturing, or any other knowledge-based industry, that is listed in the Strategic Sector list for the province, then the candidate might get eligible under this program.

  • Till now, this has been the set of additional requirements required for a candidate to qualify, which is now, subject to change in the coming times:
  • A minimum 5-year experience in the senior management, or an experience in a business similar to the one they’ve proposed now.
  • At least $450,000 as their net worth, out of which, a minimum of $350,000 should be liquid.
  • Performance Agreement completion, with at least a $200,000 worth of business investment.
  • A deposit of $100,000, which will be returned, only after the candidate meets all the obligations in their Performance Agreement.
  • An exploratory visit would have to be made to the province, at the candidate’s expense, so that they can be expected to present a detailed business plan.

It should noted, once again, that these requirements are presently being revised, and hence, are subject to change.