Saskatchewan PNP Entrepreneur and Farm Category

A person, who has a viable idea for business, or a previous experience as well as intention to run and manage a farm in Saskatchewan, as well as the required capital to do so – they might find a way to immigrate to the province through the SINP Entrepreneur and Farm Category.

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The two sub-categories, under which a potential immigrant might become eligible for this category, are:

PNP Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Program

A person who is looking forward to invest money as well as their time into either acquiring or establishing any business in Saskatchewan, and thereafter actively run it, may find an opportunity to do so through the PNP Saskatchewan Entrepreneur Sub-Category.

Here are the requirements that would need to be fulfilled by someone who looks to participate in this sub-category:

  • The applicant should have a net worth, no less than 500,000 CAD, which should have been legally acquired, as well as be easily verifiable.
  • They must also be able to show a 3 years of experience as either an entrepreneur, or in business management.

If an applicant gets an approval to participate through the Entrepreneur category, there will be certain requirements for them to adhere to, before they get the provincial nomination for a Canadian PR. These requirements are:

  • The applicant will necessarily have to invest at least 300,000 CAD in Saskatoon or Regina business, or at least 200,000 CAD towards any other community of the province.
  • The business create must align with the Points Grid, pertaining to the Entrepreneur category under SINP.
  • If the business has an investment of less than $1 million, the applicant will have to show a minimum ownership of 33.3% of the equity; for an investment that is $ 1 million or more, a lower stake in the equity will be acceptable.
  • The applicant should be able to prove that they have an active role in the daily operation as well management of such business.
  • In case the location of the business turns out to be Regina or Saskatoon, the applicant will have to make sure that at least two jobs are created for unrelated permanent residents or Canadian citizens.

PNP Saskatchewan Farm Owner/Operator Program

If a person has had a prior experience in the field of farming, who seems interested in buying as well as operating a farm in Saskatchewan, they might find this particular stream to be highly useful to facilitate their immigration process. As soon as the process of application under this sub-category begins, the immigration authorities of the province help the applicant have a direct communication with the Saskatchewan Agriculture – Food and Rural Revitalization officials, with regards to the kind of farming operation which the applicant is interested in running.

Here is a set of requirements which an applicant would need to fulfill, if they want to gain eligibility for this stream:

  • The applicant must have 500,000 CAD or more as their net worth, and a valid proof supporting that claim.
  • The applicant would have to meet various representatives of the SINP, and make a visit to the province, at least 5-day long, so they can comprehensively explore the place by themselves.
  • The applicant will have to get a Performance Agreement signed, which would be a formal commitment on their part to actually purchase a far in the province. They would also be required to deposit $75,000 in cash – a refundable amount given in, and held by the authorities, on a basis of trust. This deposit money is returned to the applicant, once they meet every term stated in the Performance Agreement. But, if they’re not able to cater to all those terms within 2 years, the amount is forfeited, in full, by the province.
  • The applicant should be able to prove, through valid documentation, their knowledge as well as their prior experience in handling a farming operation. These documents should provide proof regarding finances, training, education, experience, and anything else that demonstrates their expertise in the field.

Please note, that only proprietary businesses, which have agricultural production as their primary focus, can apply under this program. If there’s any other kind of agriculture-related business operation, they will have the Entrepreneur stream of the SPNP to apply through.

SINP Young Farmer Stream

If the applicant is a young farmer, who wants to get themselves along with their family settled in the rural part of Saskatchewan, and operate a farming business from there, they may be able to do that though the SINP Young Farmer Stream.

The several criteria which an applicant should meet, for them to participate in this stream, are:

  • The applicant should have necessarily accumulated 300,000 CAD as their net worth, which should be verifiable to a certainty of about 80%.
  • When the applicant submits their SINP application,, they must not be of 40 years or more of age.
  • The applicant should have had a prior experience of at least 3 years in managing, or operating, or owning a farm.
  • The applicant as well as their spouse should be able to showcase some other marketable skills as well, so that their ability to earn a supplementary income, should they ever feel the need for it.
  • The applicant should have conducted a thorough research on the conditions of, as well as the opportunities provided by the farming sector in Saskatchewan,and submit a report detailing their findings and consultations.
  • Except for hobby farms, the farming operation here in question, should have a venture of a commercial nature as a part of it, so that a reasonable profit can be expected from the operation. For a farming operation to get qualified under this stream of SINP, it should be able to show a revenue of no less than $10, 000 earned, on an annual basis.

There are also certain requirements that an applicant should be able to take care of, for them to receive their provincial nomination under this stream:

  • The applicant must have prior experience which prove relevant to the agricultural conditions found in Saskatchewan, and be able to showcase their proficiency in farming skills.
  • They will have to meet the Saskatchewan PNP officials, while they make their compulsory provincial exploratory trip (at east 5 days long).
  • The applicant must have made an investment of at least 150,000 CAD, either in an existing farm,or buying a new one. This investment should cover the working capital, as well as any capital assets like machinery o land, if any.

Documentation to be submitted in support of the application:

  • Divorce certificate (in case, applicable)
  • Trade credentials (in case, applicable)
  • Education credentials (in case, applicable)
  • Marriage certificate (in case, applicable)
  • Personal Net Worth Statement (SINP 200-2 form)
  • The primary applicant’s as well as every family member’s birth certificate.
  • Schedule 4a form, from the CIC.

Other things to note, with respect to the documentation:

  • The financial as well as the business assets will need to be personally confirmed.
  • Every family member must have a passport, the expiry date of which should be 24 months or more, starting from the application’s submission date.
  • The applicant, along with each of their family members will have to submit a police certificate – recent one – from each and every country that they might have stayed in, for 6 or more months, consecutively.
  • If any document is a language other than English, the applicant will be needed to submit an professional translation of the same in English.