Saskatchewan Immigration 2018

An abundance of natural gas, oil, and potash, is what makes Saskatchewan one of the booming economies, right in the centre of Canada. For people all around the world, there are a lot of things to look forward to, like a decent cost of living, numerous jobs, and friendly communities, amongst other things. Another plus is, Saskatchewan gets more sunshine, each year, than any other Canadian province! These are just a few of the many things that make Saskatchewan, easily one of the most popular destinations for people who look to permanently settle. Though there are other ways as well, it is the Canadian Express Entry Program which offers the easiest way for one to immigrate to Saskatchewan.

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What Is Express Entry Saskatchewan?

People who are looking to work and permanently reside in Saskatchewan, who possess the precise skills and education which are currently in high demand by the province’s local economy, and also those who already live and work there, but are intent on investing in a new or an existing business there – Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program provides a simple way for them to migrate to Saskatchewan.

There’s more than one way for a person to apply to the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program 2018, and therefore migrate there

  • A foreign national can apply directly to the government of Canada, which means applying to the Saskatchewan PNP. This can be done, via an EOI (Expression of Interest) sent by the applicant to the program. If they do get nominated, they can create themselves an Express Entry Profile, and import all the credentials to the system.
  • A second option for a potential immigrant, would be through starting by creating an Express Entry profile for themselves, which would thereby indicate their formal interest in residing in Saskatchewan, permanently. On being selected by Immigration Saskatchewan, an applicant would be invited to apply to Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program. If the applicant is nominated on this step, their Express Entry profile will have 600 points under CRS, immediately credited to it. This applicant will now receive an ITA for Canadian permanent residency, when the next Express Entry draw happens.


What is Provincial Nominee Program Saskatchewan?

For one to apply through the Saskatchewan Nominee Program 2018, one can choose any of the three categories of eligibility. Not just a fast application processing time, but the SINP provides an excellent support to the potential immigrants as well.

Here are the three broad categories under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program 2018:

  • International Skilled Worker Category
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category
  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category