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January 21, 2021

Opt for Master’s Degree, Ph.D. Programs at Swinburne University

To make a secure career, you need to plan and start working for it. Your right choices will lead you to the right place, so be prepared when you opt for the study program. You have to understand and know the requirements and analyze if you are capable of fulfilling those requirements.

From this blog, you can learn about the career-shaping doctorate programs at the most prestigious university, Swinburne University. It allows you to opt for Master by Research and Master by Ph.D. programs.

Read the blog to understand the study areas, degree details, requirements, and other related details.

Consider the Following Criteria for Master and Ph.D. Programs

Master by Research

  • Entry Requirement:
    You need to provide a Master’s degree if you want to demonstrate mastery in a particular discipline or field. To be eligible to study in Australia, you need to undertake supervised research and contribute to a thesis running between 50,000 and 60,000 words.

    As a candidate, you are expected to:
    • Conduct, plan and complete a research program/project
    • You need to understand the relevant techniques in your particular field that is demonstrated by your comprehensive and in-depth review of research processes and literature
    • Interpret and access data in the relevant field
    • You can also present different outcomes with the help of relevant media.

  • Degree Details:
    You must complete a 3-year Bachelor’s degree by securing 65% in your final year of study, and then you can Study at Swinburne. The degree has to be at AQF level 7 (or equivalent).

  • IELTS Criteria:
    For enrolment, you must obtain a 6.5 Band with no band less than 6 to secure admission.

  • Academic Requirement:
    A candidate has to choose one of the following requirements
    • Clear your Master’s degree (Research) with a pass mark of 80%. Out of 80%, 2/3rds have to include research training, research, and independent study. It has to be part of AQF
    • Obtain 70% pass marks in Master’s degree (Coursework). It includes structured learning with independent research and project work required.
    • 70% pass marks in Honor’s degree (either an Honor’s year following a Bachelor degree or an Honor’s year embedded in Bachelor degree)
    • 4-year Bachelor’s degree at AQF level 7 in one of the fields, i.e., Science, Engineering, Mathematics, ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
    • Three-year Bachelor degree with a minimum of 65% pass marks

  • Study Areas:
    Arts, Business, Design, Engineering, Health Sciences, Information and Communication Technologies, and Law and Science fields are among the different Master by Research programs.

Ph.D. Program

  • Entry Requirement:
    You need to write a research thesis of 70,000–100,000 words if you want to qualify for a Ph.D. program. The thesis has to include associated papers and provide a design product or creative work with a suitable explanation for which you can seek guidance from education consultants and migration agents.

    As a Ph.D. candidate, you can contribute to a profession or discipline by submitting a detailed research-based thesis. The thesis includes associated papers or a design product/creative work with a critical explanation exegesis. Each of the thesis can run from 70,000 to 100000 words.

    If you happen to be a Ph.D. candidate, you can:
    • Undertake independent research of high quality and originality
    • Can design, conduct, and independently conceive, and at the same time, you can complete a research program or project
    • Develop an understanding of the research area and methodological approaches, thereby possessing critical knowledge
    • At the same time, communicate with relevance and clarity for the right audiences.

  • Degree Details & Other Requirements:
    It would help if you undertook proper research in the defined area of interest to enroll at Swinburne University for a research degree. If you are applying for a higher degree by research, you need to:
    • Secure excellent score as part of the English language requirements of the university
    • Have met the minimum entry requirements that are listed in one of the study areas and at the same time, demonstrate research experience and prior learning that is set out as part of the required standards of research experience and achievement at Swinburne

  • Study Areas:
    The university offers several Ph.D. study programs in Business, Business – Practice-based Research, Design, Clinical Psychology, Engineering, Health Sciences, Information Systems, Information, and Communication Technology, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Law, Science, etc. The programs comprise Science, Engineering and Technology, Health, Arts and Design, and Business and Law.

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Documents for Australia Student Visa

In a nutshell, every student has to submit the following details for the grant of Australia Student Visa:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa (if applicable)
  3. Transcript and completion certificate
  4. Research proposal
  5. Academic referees- 2
  6. English language test result
  7. Resume
  8. Any research publications/papers published
  9. Contact details – address, phone number, email id
  10. Awards/recognitions

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