General Advice About Cyber Security Incident

As you may be aware, Aussizz is responding to a cyber security incident.

To support our comprehensive response, Aussizz launched an investigation, engaged external cyber security experts, and is working with relevant government agencies.

We are aware that cyber criminals claim to have stolen and published data relating to Aussizz.

While we work to verify and understand what data has been impacted, our team has prepared this advice, which is general in nature but which should help you keep yourself and your identity secure.


We are here to support you

Should our investigations reveal that the impacted dataset includes personal information, we will notify affected individuals and provide the necessary support in accordance with our obligations.

If you would like to contact Aussizz about this incident while our comprehensive investigation continues, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Your identification documents

It is important to know that unauthorised access to identification information generally does not affect its validity. This means that generally you can use the information or document for its intended purpose and as a valid form of proof of identity.

However, copies of identification documents may provide credentials that can be used to carry out unauthorised activities when combined with other forms of identification.

We also urge you to consider whether replacement of your identification documents is a necessary step, where an identification document previously provided to us has since been replaced. If you decide to replace an identification document that you believe may have been impacted through this incident, you will need to contact the organisation or government agency who created it for further information.

Protect yourself online

It is important for everyone to take steps to keep yourself secure online.

For example:


Be aware of scams

Online, email and phone scams are on the rise – so we all need to be on the lookout.

Some ways you can be more alert to scams and scammers include:


Closely monitor your financial accounts

Many scammers and online criminals are motivated by stealing money – which is why it is vital that you closely monitor your financial accounts.

For example, you could:


Know where else you can get simple privacy and security advice

If you want more advice about protecting yourself online, we recommend:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner