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March 12, 2024

State Preferences of South Asian Students in Australian Education (2019-2023)

Embarking on an academic journey in Australia isn’t just about gaining a degree; it’s about embracing an adventure in a land that promises both a warm welcome and a world-class education. Over the last five years, from the sunny beaches of Queensland to the bustling streets of Sydney, international students from India, Nepal, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka have penned their own Australian narratives. Through the lens of their unique preferences, let’s explore the tapestry of choices that have painted the Australian educational landscape from 2019 to 2023.

Based on the data shared for students from India, Nepal, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka, we can distill several key insights about their preferences for studying in different Australian states over the last five years (2019-2023).


For students from India, the clear preference has been for Victoria (VIC), followed by New South Wales (NSW). The numbers are indicative of these states’ international appeal, robust educational infrastructure, and thriving multicultural communities that might resonate well with Indian students looking for a comprehensive academic and social experience.

  • Strong preference for VIC, with NSW as a close second.
  • Significant numbers in QLD, SA, and WA, indicating a well-distributed preference for other major states.


Students from Nepal have shown a strong inclination towards NSW, with the figures significantly outnumbering those of other states. The preference could be attributed to NSW’s extensive educational facilities and support systems tailored to Nepalese students, along with a large Nepalese community presence.

  • Overwhelming preference for NSW, suggesting it as the leading educational hub for Nepalese students.
  • Considerable presence in VIC and QLD, but less so in smaller states like TAS, ACT, and NT.

Sri Lanka

The trend for Sri Lankan students is somewhat different, with the majority opting for Victoria (VIC), indicating a preference possibly influenced by specific courses offered, community ties, and post-study work opportunities.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong students have favored NSW as their top destination, followed by Victoria (VIC). The choices suggest an alignment with cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne, known for their quality education and vibrant student life that appeals to students from Hong Kong.

  • Preference for NSW, with notable numbers in VIC.
  • Moderate attraction to QLD and SA, less for smaller states.

Reflecting on our discussion, it’s evident that the diverse academic preferences of students from India, Nepal, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka are shaping the educational landscape of Australian states. Each state’s unique offerings have resonated with these students, underscoring Australia’s allure as a top study destination.

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