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We, as a dedicated immigration facilitator, are accredited to several organizations for a complete professional approach. Our operations are transparent and based on business ethics. We are accredited with the following organizations:

RMA (Registered Migration Agent)

For operating immigration services in Australia, accreditation with RMA is imperative. As a registered migration agent, Aussizz are bound by a certain Code of Conduct and carry out business in a transparent manner. It is essential to be thoroughly knowledgeable about immigration laws and procedures in Australia and conduct business in a professional manner maintaining highest levels of ethics. RMA registration enables us to:

  • Ensure highest level of immigrations service assistance for our clients
  • Protect interests of candidates receiving our assistance

Mr. Dharmendrakunar Patel, founder of Aussizz Migration & Education Consultants, is a RMA (Registered Migration Agent) bearing no. 0956090

Mr. Karan Joshi, Principal Migration Agent at Aussizz Migration & Education Consultant PERTH, is a Registered Migration Agent with MARN - 1382945

Mr. Vaibhav Patel, Migration Agent at Aussizz Migration & Education Consultant Sydney, is a Registered Migration Agent with MARN - 1466279

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MA (Migration Alliance)

Registered Migration Agents (RMA) unite to form a MA with the objectives of:

  • Representing consumers and Alliance to Australian Government as well as non-government bodies
  • Leading "migration advice" profession through expert opinion for both consumers and government
  • Improving co-operation among member organizations for bringing in professionalism in better interest of the nation and customers
  • Enhancing communication among member bodies for better assistance
  • Promoting cultural integrity
  • Assisting consumers through expert advice and practical support

Aussizz founder Mr. D. Patel is a MA member.

Qualified Education Agent Counselor (QEAC)

Certification as Qualified Education Agent Counselor (QEAC) for Australian Education is done by PIER (Professional Internationl Education Resources) Online (of IES Ltd.), in partnership with Australian Government.

Education Agents play a significant role in counselling and referring students to Australian education providers. This is an important component of the quality assurance of Australia's international education industry. So supporting agents by providing training and professional development is a high priority. There is an Education Agent Training Course in Australia Specifically designed to support education agent to assist students. The formal Test can be taken by agent who wishes to have their extensive Knowledge recognized. Agents successfully passing the test become Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (QEAC).

Mr Dharmendra Patel is a certified Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC I147) along with 5 other staff members as well.

MIA Logo
MIA (Migration Institute of Australia)

This is an international association of immigration service facilitators to Australia working for the benefit of this country. MIA acts as the bridge between the immigration service providers and Australian Government or statutory bodies. It liaises on the behalf of the member bodies and provides a common platform for sharing Australian Government's immigration programs and policies

A high standard of professionalism and business ethics is mandatorily maintained by MIA member organizations. Being a member of MIA, we need to abide by a Compulsory Code of Conduct and a Code of Ethics. Mr. Dharmendrakumar Patel is a MIA member having membership no. 3523.

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