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Aussizz: Turning Your Australian Dreams into Reality

With approximately six years of dedicated service, the AUSSIZZ Group has established itself as a beacon of excellence in immigration and education consultancy, serving Perth and its diverse suburbs such as Dalkeith, Willagee, Bull Creek, Mount Pleasant, Booragoon, Spearwood, Heathridge, Hillarys, Wilson, Craigie, Baldivis, and more. Perth is a hub for thousands of students seeking a bright future and stable career, and to meet these aspirations, AUSSIZZ Group employs the finest Migration agents in Perth and Education consultants in Perth.

Our experts are committed to providing top-notch services, starting from the initial stages of your journey. Our immigration consultants are well-versed in guiding you through the complexities of the visa application process, ensuring a smooth transition for your educational or immigration endeavors.

Our MARA agents in Perth play a vital role in providing migration assistance by offering expert advice on visa options and ensuring a smooth application process to meet the legal requirements for moving to Australia.

Skilled individuals migrate to Perth, Australia, for its growing job opportunities and quality of life, and our migration consultant in Perth can guide them through the visa process to turn this aspiration into reality.

At Aussizz Group, our immigration consultant in Perth is crucial for addressing any visa-related queries, offering personalized solutions to navigate the complex immigration landscape.

Success Stories: Real Clients, Real Results (Google Reviews)

  1. Urvashi Gondarry(March 2024): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    I had the pleasure of working with Dev Panchal, and I couldn't be happier with the assistance he provided throughout my visa process. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of an agent..….. Read full Google review here

  2. Tahir Iqbal (TIQ)(March 2024): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    I just wanted to share my experience. I recently got my 491 visa with the help of Aussie Group and I must say that Alpesh Patel did a fantastic job in making the whole process a breeze for me.….. Read full Google review here

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  1. What type of visa do I need to study in Perth, and how can Aussizz Group assist?
    You'll need a Student Visa (subclass 500) to study in Perth. Aussizz Group can help by advising on eligibility, assisting with document preparation, and guiding you through the application process.

  2. How can I apply for permanent residency in Perth after completing my studies?
    You can explore options like the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) or skilled migration pathways. Our MARA agents in Perth can provide guidance on eligibility and application procedures.

  3. What are the job prospects for skilled professionals in Perth, and how can a migration consultant help?
    Perth offers job opportunities in various sectors like mining, healthcare, and IT. Our migration consultant can assist with work visa applications and advise on pathways to permanent residency.

  4. Can Aussizz Group help with family visa applications to bring my family to Perth?
    Yes, Aussizz Group can assist with family visa applications, helping you reunite with your loved ones in Perth by ensuring all requirements are met.

  5. What support services does Aussizz Group offer for international students in Perth?
    Aussizz Group offers support services including course and university selection, visa application assistance, and guidance on adapting to life in Perth.

  6. How can I extend my stay in Perth after my student visa expires?
    Options include applying for a graduate visa, skilled work visa, or further study. Our team can advise on the best course of action based on your circumstances.

  7. What are the common challenges faced by newly migrated skilled professionals in Perth, and how can Aussizz Group assist?
    Challenges include job search, cultural adaptation, and networking. Our team can provide guidance on employment opportunities and integration into the community.

  8. Can Aussizz Group assist with visa refusals or appeals in Perth?
    Yes, we can assist with reviewing the reasons for refusal, advising on appeal options, and preparing a strong case for reconsideration.

  9. How can I ensure my visa application is successful when planning to migrate to Perth?
    Ensure accuracy in your application, meet all eligibility criteria, and provide complete documentation. Our experts can guide you through each step to maximize success.

  10. What are the living costs in Perth for international students, and how can Aussizz Group help with budget planning?
    Living costs vary, but our team can provide an estimate based on current data and help with budget planning to ensure a comfortable stay in Perth.

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