FAQ’s – Professional Year

Professional Year, more aptly called the Job Preparedness program is a structured career development designed to enhance a student’s ability to obtain employment in their chosen discipline by applying technical skills and knowledge in the Australian workplace and culture.

  • Combines formal learning and workplace experience.
  • Teaches participants to communicate effectively in an Australian workplace environment.
  • Includes an internship to familiarise participants about all aspects of work practices in an Australian workplace.
  • Should be undertaken in the applicant’s nominated skilled occupation or a closely related occupation.

It is a 44 week program with a 12 week internship placement in a relevant host company. The coursework is structured with a 32 week Business Communication skills and Australian Workplace skills training followed by a 12 week Australian workplace internship in the participant’s chosen discipline.

  • A Professional Year Program helps to develop communicative skills, practical experience and knowledge of Australian workplace and culture.
  • It also helps to gain 5 migration points towards an international student’s PR application.
  • It adds value to your CV.
  • Develops practical skills through a professional internship
  • Helps to obtain a Professional Year certificate
  • Aids to enhance the career prospects of International Students and broadens their opportunity in the field of IT, accounting and Engineering.
  • It also facilitates networking with peers and other industry professionals.

To qualify for the Professional Year programs you must have undertaken study in Australia and graduated from an undergraduate or post graduate degree program. In addition, you need to satisfy each of the requirements below.

Study & qualifications

Applicants must have graduated from a course that appropriately matches the Professional Year program to which you want to apply; have completed a Higher Education program in Australia, in a course that provides two years credit points over a minimum of 18 months.


Applicants must hold, or have applied for, the subclass 485 Temporary Residence visa. They can be on a Bridging visa or Student visa, but must have applied for the 485 visa and provide evidence. 485 visa holders must have a valid visa for the duration of the Professional Year program. Engineering graduates with a positive skill assessment form Engineers Australia and holding a 476 visa (Skilled-Recognised Graduate visa) are also eligible for an Engineering Professional Year.

Skill Assessment

All applicants must have a successful skill assessment from their relevant assessing bodies (ACS, EEA, CPA, IPA and ICAA).

Language proficiency

Applicants must have a minimum overall IELTS test score of 6.0 and nothing less than 6 in each band to be eligible for a professional year.

  • CV preparation and interview skills
  • Professional training specific to their industry
  • Business communications
  • Australian work practices
  • Professional internship (work experience) for 12 weeks
  • Workplace relationships

Applicants will need to submit the following documents in order to apply for this program:

  • Application Form
  • Certified copy of passport
  • CV/Resume
  • Certified evidence of English language proficiency (IELTS)
  • Certified evidence of current visa status
  • Certified copy of academic documents
  • A successful skill assessment from relevant assessing bodies.

Aussizz Group has been representing NavitasProfessional Pathways Australia and Performance Education since 2010. Our institutes have extensive networks and partner programs across Australia, which enable them to place candidates within quality host companies. An internship in Australia provides candidates with an opportunity to add practical skills to their studies whilst learning the fundamentals of the Australian workplace. Institutes we represent have their Professional Year programs developed in conjunction with industry peak bodies, including the Australian Computer Society (ACS), CPA Australia, the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA), as well as the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), are enhanced by quality services and support.

We at Aussizz group have been serving as the representative agent for the three most important institutions (Navitas, PPA and PE) that have been recognised all over Australia to be providing a quality PY program. It is very important that every student makes a wise decision of choosing the right institute. The institutes that we deal with at Aussizz Group have certain distinct qualities that have made them to stand out of the other institutes. Certain important characteristics that have made them more preferable are as follows,

  • The three institutes have been committed to supporting students and graduates to fulfil their career ambitions.
  • Their expertise in career development has made them gain a strong recognition throughout Australia.
  • They have been successfully placing a number of students and graduates in internships across Australia and also have a proven record of assisting graduates gain employment in their field.
  • They also provide you with an opportunity to interact with industry professionals, employers and recruiters on current trends and initiatives in their relevant field and thus improving your professional network.
  • The institutes have a proven record of providing internships to students on the right time and they also ensure that the internships are designed based on the individual’s career objectives.
  • All the three institutes have a well organised Professional Year Programs with flexible timetables and regular intake dates. They also provide a free IELTS support program with free IELTS test. The IELTS programs have been carried out by IELTS specialists and professionals with a specific objective of making you achieve 7 bands in all of the four sections of an IELTS exam.

Aussizz Group recruits students for Professional Year program throughout Australia.

  • Navitas Professional has their branches located in five main capital cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Participants can transfer their enrolment to other locations in Australia where Navitas runs the Professional Year Program.
  • Professional Pathways Australia and Performance Education have their campuses located in Melbourne and Sydney.

Yes, attendance is generally compulsory for the Professional Year program. However, the specific attendance requirements may vary depending on the provider and program.

In a post-COVID environment, the classes are completely physical.

As described previously, there are no online options available at the moment

Students are not required to arrange their own internship, unless they are already working in their specific field.