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September 01, 2020

Australia Student Visa: All Details About Costs, Processing Time, Age Limit and More

Students aspiring to study in Australia have a variety of concerns. They have questions about courses, universities, scholarships and foreign destination. Plus, there are questions about student visa for those international students who want to pursue studies in Australia. All of these queries are important and interconnected.

How to Proceed? Whom to Consult?

Approach education consultants who have answers to the above issues. They will guide you in such a way where every formality to study in Australia heads for completion. The courses you can pursue are in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) streams. They are part of the diploma, graduation, post-graduation and PhD degree programs.

Why Australia and How does Student Visa Benefit You?

Every international student is attracted to the island nation due to the vast opportunities it possesses. It is a preferred study destination with thousands enrolling in many reputed institutions.

On the other hand, education experts are the ones who ensure you receive the visa grant before joining an institute for a degree program. Beforehand, they define a correct set of procedures. Though each process appears simple outside, they look tricky as you go to their root.

What are the Requirements of Student Visa Australia?

Let us be more specific. An applicant has to be clear in his objective. Before applying for the Australian student visa grant, he has to comply with different procedures of the Department of Home Affairs in the country.

Enlisted are the Visa Requirements:

  • Genuine Temporary Entrant
    It is worthwhile that you have to prove your genuineness. It is the case officer who will grill you with a volley of questions. He will ask you about the study purpose, how it helps to build your future and whether or not you will be staying in Australia temporarily. The applicant has to reply to him on the issue of finances as well. Is he travelling alone or will be accompanied by his dependents?

  • English Proficiency Test
    With excellent scores in English language proficiency test, you can secure a Permanent Residency. Make it a point to score the highest marks in IELTS or PTE examination. Mention the score in your application form as the immigration department recognizes these tests. As English is spoken widely in Australia, a visa applicant has to clear it.

  • Finances
    Your application consists of tuition and living cost details. Mention them and wherever necessary, attest different documents. Show evidence that you have sufficient finances to support yourself and your family members. According to immigration news Australia, you will receive the grant in case the authority is convinced that the details provided are as per the country standards.

  • Fulfil Health & Character Criteria
    A medical test or radiological is the need of the hour for those who wish to study in Australia. Book an appointment with the doctor who is certified by the immigration department of Australia.

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Brief Description of Study Visa Documents

Go online to visit the DHA website. You will find a document checklist that consists of essential documents. The list includes.

  • Application form
  • Student visa Australia cost consists of an application fee. You will have to pay AUD$620 
  • Passport details of the applicant
  • COE (Certificate of Enrolment) or LoO (Letter of Offer)
  • Proof of finances
  • Health insurance cover proof
  • English language proficiency examination results
  • Character records
  • Passport-size snaps

In case you have additional documents, attest them along with these details. At the same time, student visa Australia age limit is not fixed. There is no limit for those who want to apply for it. However, special conditions apply if you are under 18.

Processing Time of Student Visa

You mentioned all details and submitted all documents. Now, you are anxiously waiting for the grant. But beforehand, you must know that Australia student visa processing time usually takes four weeks. The timeline is meant for those courses that last beyond ten months.


Are you looking for immediate solutions to several important issues? Get a better understanding of how to file your application. Our Australian visa consultants guide you after reviewing your application from different angles. You can also contact our Overseas Education Consultants for education-related issues.

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