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October 21, 2021

10 Tips Before Applying for Australian Student Visa

Do you want to study in Australia as an international student? Wish to pursue a degree program by being a part of a world-class university?

Learn how to get started! Take the help of education consultants guiding you in the entire process on different courses part of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) streams. Keen to pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s program, or Ph.D.? There are many choices before you. The right approach alone can enable you to obtain a visa on time.

10 Tips to Follow for Student Visa Australia

  1. Search the Right Course:
    Make it a point to select a course that helps shape your career. It helps you in the long run. Besides, you can obtain information by visiting the websites of different universities. You need to find if the course meets your long-term goals, and whether you can meet the expenses of a particular university and manage living expenses.

    Consult the experts for guidance on how you can apply for an Australian visa from India and Dubai. Receive advice on courses, degree programs, universities, and locations. Besides, education consultants also point out different areas in which you can pursue further studies.

    A lot depends on your likes and preferences. Ensure that the course has a specific CRICOS code. If its duration lasts from 12 to 52 weeks or longer, you can obtain an Australian Student Visa.

  2. Arrange College/University Documents:
    In all likelihood, you need to provide a copy of the college, university, course, and citizenship documents. Provide passport copy, academic records, English language proficiency test results, Confirmation of Enrolment letter, SOP (Statement of Purpose), and Genuine Temporary Entrant details.

    All these details are part of the study in Australia requirements. Even finance proofs for up to one year of the study period is essential. Take the help of a professional English translator who can translate documents, i.e. transcripts and academic certificates.

  3. Submit College/University with Documents:
    Submit documents after collecting them. The expert working on your behalf assists you in a way wherein you can submit to college/university. Initially, you can apply to three institutions. He can provide more options. After that, you can include other institutions.

  4. Provide an Offer Letter:
    On average, it takes one to 3 weeks to receive an offer letter. If you have valid documents, it takes at least a day. In some instances, you are told to add other documents. However, you need to validate the specific information.

  5. Study Decision:
    Decide where you want to study. Choices are several before you. You can also avail to study in Australia with a scholarship. It depends on colleges, universities, and courses.

  6. Take Care of Insurance and Tuition Fees:
    Every international student should opt for OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), as per Australian immigration news. Choose the best affordable plan if you want to obtain a student visa. Make payments involving tuition fees and other expenses.

  7. Confirmation of Enrolment:
    Get confirmation of enrolment (COE) from college/university. You are officially enrolled in college/university in Australia, once you receive the confirmation. CoE will help you at the time of applying for an Australian student visa.

  8. Apply for a Student Visa:
    Before applying for an Australian student visa, it is necessary to submit a list of documents. These documents are part of the student visa checklist. Without submitting them, you will be denied Australian entry.

    List of documents for subclass 500 includes confirmation of enrolment from the university you will enrol in, finance proofs covering yearly expenses, academic requirements, English language proficiency test details, health insurance cover, Genuine Temporary Entrant written statement, and biometrics proof of your home country or the place where you are located.

    In case of a body mark, show the authority evidence as part of the health assessment. For verification, the authority will call you for more documents. Besides, provide a scan copy or PDF of a bank statement and certified copies. If the allotted sum is in the relative’s bank account, you have to provide a statement of the account and the letter that confirms you have access to necessary funds.

  9. Health Insurance Cover is Mandatory:
    One of the vital components of a student visa is health insurance cover. The cover secures your stay during your studies. Make the most of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) that includes medical expenses or any hospital cover. It is advisable to choose a proper health provider to secure a desired stay in Australia.

  10. Prepare for Student Visa Interview:
    Similar to a job interview, you have to make headway for the student visa. Some tips to prepare for the interview
    • Understand the contours of student visa application especially SOP (Statement of Purpose). SOP is a personal statement that highlights students’ experiences, achievements, and grades.
    • Research questions you are asked. Topics include the reasons you selected Australia to study, how you are financially stable, and what you will do on completion of your studies.
    • It helps if you undergo a practice interview with a friend or family member.
    • Be confident if you are facing an interviewer. If you try to mislead the interviewer, there are chances of student visa rejection.

Ensure you follow all regulations before submitting the necessary documents for an Australian student visa. Choose the right course, degree program, university, institution, and Regional Area. It will help you to secure your dreams.

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Stay tuned to Aussizz Group and speak to Overseas Education Consultants for guidance on an Australian student visa and other formalities.

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