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December 02, 2021

How to Improve CRS Score for Canadian PR?

Want to improve your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for Canada PR? If you are a skilled professional, you have to ensure meeting a high CRS score. Otherwise, there are chances of being denied a PR.

The ranking system is the main component of Express Entry. It is the CRS score that helps you to receive ITA (Invitation to Apply). The higher the score, the higher are the chances for you to compete with one another during the invitation. There is no need to submit an EE profile with a lower CRS score.

However, you have different options to enhance your score. Achieve desired score to receive ITA.

Matrix of CRS: How to Calculate CRS Score

The wait can be longer if you do not comply with the eligibility requirements of the Express Entry profile. It is the high CRS score required for an invitation to apply.

Equally so, numerous opportunities exist if you want to enhance your overall rank under the Ranking System in the Canada EE pool. However, some advancements improve CRS scores with a slight rise making a difference. They provide you with 600 points. In reality, it gives you a guarantee of receiving ITA in the next draw from the EE pool.

Be Eligible with the Necessary Points

One cannot overlook certain areas of the CRS score if one wants to get desired points. Make sure to claim necessary points applicable as per individual profile.

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These Include:

  • If You have Siblings:
    If you have a brother or a sister living in Canada and holding permanent residency or citizenship; then, you can claim 15 points for your Canada PR score.

  • Meet Education Criteria:
    To be eligible for the EE program, you have to provide ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) or academic documents from a college/university in Canada. Just by meeting the education criteria, your Canada immigration points can be boosted by 200 points. You’ll receive consecutively 150 & 50 points for your CRS score once you submit education documents and credible language proficiency test scores respectively.

    In terms of EE profile, mention valid education details you completed to date. Provide details of completion of a one-year course after a few years as part of the Express Entry profile. It is necessary to obtain Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report backing all educational credentials. In other words, the Entry System awards different points irrespective of study field including diploma or degree relating to existing work.

  • Points for the Second Language:
    One of the options you have is to meet the necessary points for the English and French language proficiency test. It is a part of the Comprehensive Ranking System score. Every skilled professional who is well-versed in these languages can get desired points.

    Even if you are a bilingual candidate, you can obtain bonus points. Provincial Nominee Program streams give preference to those speakers conversant in the French language. Those familiar with English and French should not miss the opportunity to enhance CRS scores.

  • Reappearing for Language Tests:
    You need specific points when clearing your English skill test. The test is one of the faster methods to achieve a competitive CRS score. With the help of the language test, you can obtain 260 points that can extend to 270 points if you and your spouse are applying. Both skills and language abilities are considered vital human capital factors under Express Entry.

    Take into consideration different points. You can achieve 0.5 points that include language abilities such as listening, speaking, writing, and reading modules. It is when the candidate achieves CLB level 9, it triggers an exponential increase in total points under the skills transferability factor. A minute change can enhance the CRS score. At the same time, you can enhance your skills by claiming 100 points.

    The onus is on immigration experts providing guidance by which you can work on different strategies and obtain the necessary language scores.

How to Improve CRS Score? 

If you plan to migrate to Canada following the Express Entry route, you can improve your CRS score. Some options can take a few months, while others take a couple of years.

  • Professional Experience:
    If you have less than 3 years of experience whether full or part-time and working outside maple country, then you might need to gain additional experience. Objectives of remaining employed are vital for those who are on a work visa in Canada. Gain points under the Canadian work experience category.

  • PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs):
    As part of the CRS score, you can claim 600 points if nominated by a particular province in Canada. IRCC is giving preferences to those provinces under Provincial Nominee Program. These provinces are part of the EE pool that selects candidates as per the province’s economic development through in-demand work experience and skill-sets.

    In the past several months, different provinces have been using PNP streams through the Express Entry program. Citing an instance, Ontario targeted several professionals in the IT (Information Technology) sector.

    Both Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan opened different Program streams for those applicants across many occupations that do not require a job offer. It is British Columbia that is welcoming candidates through its immigration system. Both Alberta and Manitoba cannot be left behind either. They have their respective immigration programs backed by Express Entry. Besides, other provinces are issuing different nomination certificates to those skilled and eligible professionals from the EE pool.

  • Completion of the Educational Program:
    The plan is to improve the CRS score. The number of education degrees helps to increase scores under EE System. You receive the score, not for diploma and academic degrees alone. However, you can fetch at least 100 points under the skill transferability factor.

    At the same time, you can comply through a one-year study program to gain extra points. An additional 1/2-year program needs you to invest time. But, it is a worthwhile investment if you decide to immigrate to Canada.

  • Job Offer:
    Meet requirements if you want to claim points under the job offer from Canada through Express Entry. The advantage of a job offer contributes towards the CRS score. It is not as significant as it was once when a candidate obtained 600 points. Even though the candidate gets 50 CRS points, getting a job offer is a vital factor.

  • Partner/Spouse can Boost CRS Scores:
    If you plan to move to Canada with a partner or spouse, you should be aware of claiming 20 points based on your partner or spouse’s language ability.

    With the help of work experience and education level, you and your partner can gain 10 points each in Canada. You can claim 40 points keeping in context your partner or spouse’s factors. Every applicant can claim the respective points with their particular abilities.

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