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November 23, 2021

Study in Canada Assures a Promising Career

You cannot miss facts if you plan to work and settle in Canada after your studies. In 2021 alone, there has been a surge in the overseas student population, with the nation moving to the third spot after the United States of America and Australia.

In terms of numbers, it has witnessed 642,000 enrolled in its different universities from previous years despite the pandemic. The record percentage of students hailed from India, China, South Korea, Iran, and France. Even you should not ignore the provinces receiving the highest invitations as far as enrolments are concerned. These provinces are Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec.

Now, the moot question is you want to know why Canada is the world’s friendly study destination for international students. A lot is due to the flexible education system, vibrant classroom culture, and study pathways leading to Canadian Permanent Residency.

Also, you cannot ignore work prospects in manufacturing, Information Technology, engineering, tourism and hospitality, and healthcare. Let us break what it means for an international student who wants to study, work, and Permanent Residency

What It Means for Students to Study?

You are part of an excellent education structure that is world-class. Knowledge and experience you gain from a particular field help you to secure a glorious future. Applying for a foreign degree is not about studying abroad alone.

As an international student, you can secure the following benefits:

  • World-class education that tops global universities list
  • On-campus work for 20 hours per week without a work permit
  • 20 hours per week part-time work outside campus
  • Internships
  • PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit)
  • Cultural experience

The other benefits are that you can thrive in a bilingual environment promising excellent quality of life. The stress-free immigration rules benefit students to work after completion of studies. Get hands-on and theoretical experience in your particular field.

What It Means to Work After Graduation?

Both innovative skills and theoretical knowledge you possess in a particular field help you to enhance work prospects. A study in Canada is a fast-track immigration option for international students who want to seek Permanent Residency.

Post Graduate Work Permit benefits those students who graduated from DLI (Designated Learning Institute) to work in Canada. PGWP program is a work permit that allows students to work in any province in the country.

Interestingly, several work options for students post their studies are:

  • OWP (Open Work Permit):
    If you completed graduation from DLI and are eligible for PGWP, you can apply for Open Work Permit. The advantage is that you are not duty-bound to any employer. It is the Post Graduate Work Permit route that is a better option for overseas graduates.

  • PGWP (Post-Graduate Work Permit):
    The work permit is designed to help graduates work in the country after graduation. If you want to apply, your DLI must be eligible for PGWP. However, you cannot apply if you join a DLI that is not eligible for PGWP. It is when you require the assistance of overseas education consultants who will guide you in the entire study permit process.

    The advantage is that you do not require a job offer if you intend to qualify for the Canadian PGWP. The permits and work visas are issued without the applicant having a job offer. Post Graduate Permit helps the applicant to stay and search for a particular job after completion of studies.

  • ESWP (Employer-Specific Work Permit):
    ESWP is one of the conventional routes to work in Canada. A valid job from a Canadian employer is advantageous if you apply for a work permit, with your employer getting LMIA approval. The approval includes handing a transition plan alongside advertising for domestic workers. It is preferred at large by overseas students who are not eligible for PGWP or Open Work Permit.

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What It Means to Avail Canada PR?

If you are looking for a Permanent Residency, you should prefer the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). It is one of the fastest immigration ways to process PR applications. It takes 3-4 months to process it. Once you meet the lowest Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) will send you the invitation so that you can apply for Canada Permanent Residency. However, no proof of funds you have to provide for the application under the Canadian Experience Class.

Other Facts You Need to Know

  • Employment BenefitsStart your career on a promising note by which you can build your profile. You are one amongst thousands of aspirants securing employment. If you are a Canadian employee, you can claim employment insurance, healthcare, parental leaves, retirement, etc.
  • Work & Nurture FamilyCanada is one of the ideal places to work and nurture your family. With a work permit, your partner can secure job benefits. With the help of SFSP (Spousal and Family Sponsorship Program), you can sponsor parents, children, grandparents, spouses, or partners to migrate to Canada. At the same time, applicants can learn and work while residing in Canada.

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