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January 29, 2020

Migrate to Regional Australia: Top 10 reasons to follow

Make the right visa decision if you want to migrate to Regional Australia. Given limited options in hand, Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa—subclass 491 serves your purpose. The visa allows you to live and work in any of the 7 Regional Areas. Good news for every applicant with regional governments granting 15 points.

Ensure your occupation is part of STSOL (Short-term Skilled Occupation List)MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List) or ROL (Regional Occupation List). Three years of stay in the area allows you to seek Permanent Residency. Several skilled professionals granted Skilled Independent Visa—subclass 189 earlier. Then, immigration rules were lenient. But now, preference is towards expanding Regional Areas.

2019 remained a tough year for every applicant with these rules in place. If you are unaware about the Regional Area, here are the top 10 reasons to follow:

Career opportunities

Majority of skilled migrants work in industries across Regional Areas. These include—

  • Northern Territory
  • Western Australia
  • New South Wales
  • South Australia
  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • Tasmania

There is a preference given by the government to promote these Areas. With each passing day job opportunities for skilled professionals outnumber. Some occupations are for dancers, actors, entertainers, hospitality managers, archaeologists, architects, and carpenters. Blacksmiths, engineers, and chefs. The list also includes nurses, naturopaths, pilots, surgeons, scientists, zookeepers and teachers.

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Decent living

The other issue is about affordable housing. Compared to large cities, small cities have low housing costs. Besides, rent is affordable compared to large cities. Ample space is available with short commutation times.

Jobs in Northern Territory

When it comes to jobs, Northern Territory has several in number. NT has a DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement).

High quality of life

In particular, Regional Areas have less population compared to large cities. Levels of pollution are low with clean water and fresh air available. One cannot forget natural landscapes and wildlife. Australians are among individuals enjoying the company of friends and family. Besides, you cannot go wrong as regional Australia offers you many facilities.

Affordable healthcare

One of the best health providers in the world is Australia. It offers safe and quality healthcare at an affordable cost. You and your family can benefit. Life expectancy in these areas is more compared to other countries.

State-of-the-art education system

There are several colleges/institutions in the regional pockets of Australia. Education system in the country is high and ranks among the top 10 countries globally. When it comes to world university rankings, six of the universities in the nation are among the top 100.

Besides, secondary and primary schools that are government-run offer education of the utmost quality. Not only are these institutions smaller in size, but they offer quality education.

Pleasant climatic regions

Several climatic zones are prevalent in Australia due to the sheer size of the country. A perfect country to live with tropical conditions experienced in the north. On the one hand, Regional Areas experience hot and humid weather in summers, whereas winters have warm and dry climates. Southern parts are cooler with rainy winters.

As a first time traveler, you are in the midst of picturesque beauty and natural surroundings. Beaches, countrysides, rainforest and rock formations attract tourists visiting the country. Outdoor activities like camping, bushwalking, fishing and swimming keep residents busy all along.

Cosmopolitan culture 

Ethnic diversity and cosmopolitan culture keep citizens of the country busy. Multiculturalism unites these individuals wherein they can connect. They can accept people from diverse backgrounds. The country ranks on the top and is a multicultural society globally. 

Long-lasting ties

Regional pockets in Australia remain isolated. Despite this, the majority of these areas welcome people from all walks of life. In the recent past, individuals of several communities have settled in these pockets. One of the most significant challenges is to integrate individuals moving to either a town or a regional city. In case you prefer to stay longer, you need to make continuous effort. You can connect as well as communicate with each other. Besides, you can feel as if you are a valued community member.

Striking chord between work and leisure

If preoccupied with work, you should take out valuable time to spend with family and friends. Regional Australia helps you to build close rapport. At best, you can taste the food, relax in nature and pursue several hobbies. These isolated areas offer diverse lifestyles and relaxed environment.


Last but not least, subclass 491 visa addresses the concerns of professionals who want to live and work in a regional area. The reasons above are of help to every individual. In case you are unaware of the visa rules and regulations and not able to understand Regional Migration Australia procedures, feel free to speak to our Australia immigration consultants!

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