IELTS Writing App
December 27, 2019

IELTS Writing App: Practice for IELTS Writing on your Mobile Device

“IELTS writing has always been a problem.”

IELTS aspirants who end up scoring less find the IELTS writing task as tough. But sometimes the IELTS aspirants miss out on making extra efforts because of certain circumstances. Regular practice is critical to score well in the IELTS Writing task. The more you practice, the more confident you become.

Some aspirants are willing to put in the effort for IELTS preparation, but they are not able to find time for extra practice. Owing to other academic or professional commitments, they feel tired after a long day. Also, geographical restrictions are often a problem to the aspirants as they fail to find quality IELTS coaching classes near them. 

What is the solution?

What if your troubles of distance, tiredness, and workload are shed off of your shoulders?

What if you can reach the teaching classes anytime and anywhere? What if you find that you can practice with high-quality study material without necessarily joining classes? What if you could practice as much as you can?

Yes! All these problems can be resolved. With the technological support and the efforts of our in-house IELTS experts, we have launched an IETLS Writing App

This IELTS app for general and academic writing is a solution to almost all of your problems. With just an internet connection and a mobile device, all the answers to your questions related to IELTS writing are at your fingertips. 

With this online mobile app for IELTS preparation, you can work on your weak areas from academic & general task 2, academic task 1, general task 1 and also from the writing correction task, and improve yourself in them. 

The Elite features of the IELTS Writing App

  • Write and upload your answers and get on the click test evaluation.
  • Get a variety of solved samples to enhance your knowledge.
  • Learn with a good collection of essays with the topics types like agree/disagree, discuss two opinions, causes & Effects and much more.
  • With different types of letters and their answers, (formal, semi-formal, informal) master the letter-writing section
  • Also, polish your writing from Graph skills with 100+ solved examples that include Table, Map, Graph & Chart, Process & Diagram.

Enjoy learning with: 

  • FAQ’s – that solves your basic questions about the IELTS exam.
  • Learn with the latest useful videos.
  • Join the community on telegram to not miss out to get answers to any question that might strike you at that moment or later.
  • Free E-books on related topics.
  • Learn from the Webinar videos that help you learn the tips & tricks to score high.
  • Bookmark all the important essays that you want to learn and access them whenever you want to practice.
  • You can also see the vocab for a particular essay.

Isn’t this the best option that can solve all your problems? Get the app and start practising for IELTS Writing any time and from anywhere.

Now when you have got answers to almost all your problems; you will start gaining confidence and master this task within no time. 

Make a move now! Download the IELTS Writing app now.

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