Immigrants in Canada
July 19, 2018

A Brand New Hotel Pilot Program For Immigrants in Canada!

June 20th was World Refugee Day. And so, the government of Canada aptly chose the right day to make a really important announcement. There’s a new hotel pilot program in Canada for immigrants searching for an employment within the booming hotel industry of the country. While this project is still very new, and it covers only specific regions, it is still a huge step in what most would consider, the right direction.

A new employment program in the making…

This program, has aptly been named Employing Newcomers in Canadian Hotels. It is still in its pilot stage, and is being readied to start out in quite a many cities across the country. It was being seen that many immigrants were without a job, even though their skill set, education, and prior experience would dictate otherwise. On the other hand, many positions in the hotel industry were vacant, for the want of ideal candidates and the right skills. It was a match waiting to be made happen! And the Canadian government finally took it in its hands to do something concrete about it.

An important step on the right path!

One of the reasons to bring this program into being, has been the importance of the hotel industry in the overall scheme of economy of the country. A lot of revenue is generated from this industry, making it necessary for the government to take steps that are crucial to its further development. In addition, those who’d have come to say, study in Canada, and still not have found a decent job there, are still to become a part of the country’s economy. This was a problem that needed immediate attention. To make both problems go away in one go, the Canadian authorities come up with this excellent way.

This program has been carefully designed so as to help as many as 1300 new immigrants; it  not only provides them with an opportunity to gain work experience, but also give a push to their language skills.

This is not the only program, though!

As far as options go, this obviously is not the only one that the newcomers can depend on. The Canadian immigration system is full of programs that have meticulously drafted. The aim is to make the right match between one who’s looking for a job, and an employer who’s trying to find the right candidate.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, an employer driven program has set a brilliant example for the case. It has been helping potential immigrants get connected to employers who are looking for skilled personnel to fill in the positions. Once a job is secured, the next logical step that remains for the candidate is, applying for a PR.

Moreover, if you are planning to immigrate through one of the streams under the Express Entry system, then securing a job offer form a Canadian employer would help boost your score. Furthermore, your rank in the Express Entry pool would also be improved. Employers are even given the option to advertise openings to the Express Entry applicants, if they’re unable to find a good match from amongst the Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Not just the initial processing, but the whole process of immigration is made a lot easier for a candidate, if they already have a job offer, and are authorized to work in the country. This way, they do not even require a proof of funds, while applying through the Express Entry.

It’s a great news henceforth, that the Canadian government is willing to make it easier for those on Canada student visa, the newcomers, and the potential immigrants to find rightful employment. This is a step in making their settlement in the country faster and more seamless. If you too are looking to discover your own options to immigrate to Canada, then the team of professionals at Aussizz Group will be more than happy to be of assistance!

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