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July 23, 2018

Study building and construction to enhance your Australia Visa prospects

Students and professionals on study and work visas arrive to Australia described as a land of opportunities. Terming it as important destination, they find the country accommodative due to availability of different visas in manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Acclaimed as a progressive nation, it is Australia administration boasting in providing foreign students with excellent teaching methods, best faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities. In terms of enrolling in finest institutions, ample scope is provided to students so as to study building and construction in Australia.

Especially for students there are dozens of construction management courses in Australia – either they opt for vocational study or diploma course. Graduation and post-graduation courses are also offered prior to those students seeking employment in billion-dollar construction industry. In case a student prefers to work on a temporary basis or settle in the country, he or she can apply for a temporary visa or permanent visa respectively.

Every educational institute in Australia has an excellent faculty, advanced teaching facilities and is backed up with industry connections. Students are able to undergo extensive training for months together till completion of their courses.

Visa norms

International students who want to apply for a student visa in Australia have to get a good score in Pearson Test for English Academic (PTE Academic). The PTE test scores depend on different universities and type of programs—whether an individual is pursuing his graduation or master’s degree. The more a student scores in any of these tests, the better his chances are to get admission in finest schools in Melbourne, Sydney and other cities.

Along with tests, among other formalities that need to be furnished before the Australian authority include a valid passport explaining duration of the study, offer letter from a particular institution or university and access to sufficient funds.


Numerous construction professions await foreign students who are keen to take up construction management courses. Prior to enrolling in these courses, a student has multiple options in front of him – he can specialize as an architect, civil engineer, building surveyor, quantity surveyor, mechanical/electrical engineer or be appointed as a site engineer or as an individual qualified in a particular area of his interest onsite.

Types of construction employers

That’s right! On completion of his study in Australia, a student may take up a job in a designing firm, consultancy firm or can be hired as a contractor if s/he qualifies.

1. Designing firm
Both architects and structural/electrical engineers team up as one unit and start working on a particular project. They prepare different layouts meant for a particular project with majority of time spent in evaluating designs. If loopholes exist, these professionals ensure they are removed prior to nearing project completion.

2. Consultancy firm
A consultancy firm on behalf of a company oversees project operations with every guidance benefitting client to large extent. It provides planning and designing details concerning a particular project and explains procedures involved. Building surveyors and quantity surveyors are among different types of construction jobs an individual comes across in construction firms.

3. Contractors
Depending on construction project type and size, efficient staff are trained to ensure the project is executed on timely basis. The staff includes contractors who have a team of skilled workforce monitoring overall operations from start to finish.

Will construction career suit me?

Creativity and innovation are two sides of the same coin. The more students bring creativity in their designs, the more they are able to deliver incredible ones. Same constitutes whether these designs are meant in creating tall skyscrapers or infrastructure projects.
Consider few aspects that helps students build a career in construction.

  • Paying attention to minute details is essential. All what is require is extensive planning and design so as to develop a building from scratch. If one portion goes missing within a particular design, the entire structure collapses.
  • In case of a construction flaw within the design, fix the problem before it escalates further. Students are taught to identify problems on their own and solve them in advance.
  • There are limitless possibilities for students – whether it is from designing buildings, bridges to tunnels.
  • Communication skills, time management skills, teamwork and working under high pressure are among different challenges students adapt themselves from beginning.
  • Different skills for different individuals come to play. As architects, individuals have to be creative and for civil engineers and structural/mechanical engineers, they have to possess technical knowledge.

Further Study Pathways

On basis of their study goals and academic achievements, students are able to respectively design different pathways. After completion of study in construction and building courses, they can launch their own careers through Temporary Graduate visa. The visa is designed to provide pathway–right from study to an industry relevant employment in Australia, further paving way towards Permanent Residency.

Job Opportunities

Graduates are at their best to explore numerous job opportunities in construction and building industry. They have an upper hand to seek employment in construction companies, small and medium scale companies, local as well as central governments and can be hired as skilled workforce by private companies.

With architecture and engineering courses in demand across Australia, make sure you proceed with utmost care so as to ensure admission in suitable course. Seek guidance from our immigration and education consultants/advisers providing you effective tips—from processing your visa application to the kind of study criteria required.

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