Overview of Australian Family Sponsored Visa grant from Dubai!
June 27, 2019

Overview of Australian Family Sponsored Visa grant from Dubai!

Several opportunities come to the fore for individuals planning to migrate to Regional Areas of Australia and seek Permanent Residency. One of the visas wherein they can work and live and spend time with their family members is the Family Sponsored Visa that is part of Skilled Sponsored (Provisional) Visa—subclass 489.

Interestingly, you are allowed to reside in these low populated growth areas in the country. To be eligible for the sponsored visa, you need to obtain 60 immigration points. Initially, you have to lodge a visa application by submitting EOI (Expression of Interest) details through Skill-Select.

It doesn’t matter if you are applying for a family-sponsored visa from Dubai or in case your current residence is in Australia.

Once you meet the immigration procedures, your relative can sponsor you. It enables you to receive ITA (Invitation to Apply) at the earliest.


The provisional visa is valid for 4 years. As per the visa norms, you must reside in the Regional Area for 2 years and work for 12 months. After that, you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency.

Before applying for the family-sponsored visa, you should-

a. Seek an invitation to apply (ITA)

b. Your age must be less than 45 years

c. List out your occupation that falls in the ambit of MLTSSL (Medium & Long-Term Strategic Skills List)

d. Get your skills scrutinized by relevant authority

e. Meet the criteria of English language requirements

f. Score the necessary immigration points

g. Provide details of health and character requirements

Besides, you must furnish sponsorship details of a family member or relative who is currently a permanent resident of the Regional Area. These details are essential in case you are thinking of moving to Australia from Dubai.

After the visa grant, certain obligations you must meet include-

  • You have to stay in a nominated territory or state for at least two years
  • Inform immigration officials of your Australian address
  • Attend surveys conducted by the authorities

On the other hand, those individuals who are already Permanent Residents can sponsor their partners, parents or children on several Family Visas to Australia from Dubai. However, you have to comply with essential eligibility criteria as prescribed by Australian immigration procedures.

Three categories fall in place while applying on behalf of your partners, parents or children.

These categories are part of the eligibility criteria meant for:

• Partners-

a. Meet health and character requirements

b. Show relationship proofs

c. Include family members in your visa application

• Parents-

a. Be a holder of Australian Contributory Parent Visa (Temporary)—subclass 173

b. Meet Australian balance of family test

c. Satisfy visa conditions keeping in mind the country laws

• Children-

a. Provide your child’s assurance of support details

b. Submit the child’s health requirements. Character details are mandatory if he is above 18 years

c. The child must not have any outstanding debts & provide his biometric details

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Though a lot about family visas is covered, you can now bring your family members so that they can be part of your extended family. In a way, this Family Reunion Visa of Australia brings you old memories you had experienced with them during your stay in the home country. Based on the visa applications, you can sponsor them whether they prefer to stay with you on temporarily or permanently basis.

Last but not least, many areas can be of your interest. Feel free to share your details with our Australia Migration Consultants in Dubai now. These individuals provide you with perfect solutions due to the many years of experience and vast expertise they possess!

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