Need corrective steps to speed up your Australian Partner Visa file!
April 09, 2019

Need corrective steps to speed up your Australian Partner Visa file!

Give yourself a break while dealing with a complex issue! Bringing your spouse on Partner Visa is not easy as it seems to be in Australia. Verifying visa application processes become a tedious exercise for you.

Since you announced plans to apply for the visa on your spouse behalf, you can be granted with it after these processes are complete. This visa allows de facto spouse or partner to live in the country temporarily. In a way, it is the first step towards Permanent Residency.

Before applying for it, you should address 3 issues listed below—

  • Submit relevant documents to immigration authority hence helping you to be granted with the fiance visa soon.
  • Seek the help of an immigration expert if you face difficulty in arranging these documents.
  • Otherwise, you end up losing a large sum with the documentation processes quite expensive.

At $7160, you cannot afford to lose the enormous sum as a first-time visa applicant. If you want approval from the immigration authority, you have to deal with these issues one by one.

As per the Australian Department of Home Affairs regulations, the processing time for spouse visa applications is between 17 and 21 months.

All it takes is to ensure that you attested all visa documents. A single mistake lands you into trouble, and if there is a lack of guidance, there are strong rejection possibilities of your visa getting delayed.

One word sums it all—Be Organized. You are amongst thousands of applicants awaiting anxiously for processing your visa application. In the recent past, there have been numerous cases of immigration authorities clearing the files in a period in 7 months. Submit all documents with concrete proofs. Also, cut the waiting time as far as possible.

Besides, the applicant must include character and identity requirements and explain the genuineness of his relationship with his spouse.

Here are online tips you must consider to seek visa benefits. A checklist of spouse visa is a practical solution for both partners. These include—

a. Pay the fee at the earliest

Good news for offshore applicants! If you are amongst one, you stand to gain compared to onshore applicants. The processing time of your application file takes less time as compared to the local population. Pay the fee at the earliest, and you can be among the other applicants waiting in the queue. Submit relevant documents whereby you are granted with the visa soon.

b. Take help of a sample visa

Effective planning and strategy come into play here. In the recent past, there have been many success stories of applicants. Refer to their sample visa applications and correctly understand how they undertook to different visa processes. If you follow their examples, you can be a lucky aspirant.

c. Consult officials via forums

Address relevant issues at all costs. Some homework has to be necessitated by you hence enabling you to sort matters. Seek plenty of information from experts expressing their thoughts/opinions in forums etc. The best place to avail such a piece of information is by visiting the Australian Visa Forum. Every pertinent issue is dealt with smoothly and in a time-bound manner.

d. Mention filenames

Every detail is part of the documentation processes you will be submitting while filing your spouse visa application. It requires lots of patience from your side. Plus, you can land into trouble if there is no substantial evidence mentioned in the application form. If there are PDF files, ensure you specify them in the visa form before forwarding it to immigration authority.

e. Payment fee

You can transact through the bank if you are applying from Australia whereas you can use the country’s electronic bill payment system if you are depositing the sum from outside the country. This way, you avoid surcharge and transfer fee.

f. Proper documentation

At least, you have in hand 60 files. These files comprise soft copy with each one running to 5MB. Organize them in the right order. It will help the Case Officer to verify them without any discrepancy. Besides, you can reduce the time of uploads by placing everything in order.

g. Correct order

Save yourself the trouble from uploading a single file umpteen times. Don’t misplace files with correct order expected from you. Avoid any possibility of re-loads while attaching these documents.

h. Upload more than once

Sometimes, you face new challenges. For citizenship, travel documents and identity purposes, you are told to upload your passport. It is not once you will be uploading it but on many occasions. There are other questions which look similar, but the context appears to be different. Here too, you have to upload them frequently.

i. Health and character checks

Scrutinize all documents related to your health and character certificates. Beforehand, you have to complete the partner visa verification process. Attach substantial proofs which support these documents. Be it—hard copy or soft copy, ensure you take necessary steps at the earliest.

In hindsight, these pertinent issues can be dealt with amicably with correct planning and strategy. Don’t overlook minute details, but proper time management and efficiency alone solve many problems vis-à-vis the expensive Australian visa. Get complete coverage on the visa procedures and guidelines by consulting our efficient and competent team of immigration and education consultants.

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