Questions to ask Educational consultant
March 28, 2019

10 questions to ask before hiring an Educational consultant

It’s always good to inquire, especially when you spend some of your own, no matter if that’s your time or money…

Most of the candidates simply trust the organizations, without even inquiring about what they are getting into and what they are spending so heavily on. They know that they have other options, but something in ‘urgency’ and ‘hurriedness’ does cost them, leaving behind a belief that they won’t be able to make it ever.

It’s always better to avoid such nuisances by simply asking your heart out to the education consultants or the organization you are putting your money on. Ten questions that will surely clear your mindset are:

  • What kind of Colleges / Universities do you offer?
    Well, this question is kept on the top for one simple reason. You should know where you are going and where you are planning to study. People will surely lure you into their traps, simply for making you their client, earning money. But this is not what you desire. Ask them everything in regards for the university that they are offering you to go in. Ask them about the reference of the candidates that they have already offered that university. At the end, make sure that you are in safe hands and are not fooled.

  • How many visas have been processed successfully from your company?
    Again, this question will make your vision clear enough about how the company is. The number of visas it has processed and how much successful it is will surely let you know how trustworthy that company is. Every individual demands some kind of an experience or at least some relevant knowledge from the agent he/she is consulting.

  • Can you provide the references of the students the file of whom you processed earlier?
    Check out for the testimonials of the students or the candidates that got their visa processed from that company. See what are their views, how many days did it take for them to get everything done. If possible, try to contact them and take their reviews about the same. This can let you know how to process further and how to get through your student visa.

  • Do you have any branches / associates in other countries where you are sending students for further study?
    This question might surely help as where you are going is completely a new country, where you might not find anyone to assist if in any situation in regards for your student visa. Many visa consultants work only in India, leaving behind all the assistance to the candidate in overseas. Therefore, it is always a must to ask this beforehand to the agent if they have their office(s) in Australia or not.

  • Does the consultant have expertise in an area you perceive as needing attention?
    Well, every candidate has his own assembled set of questions, at which he/she expects the counsellor to be the best. If at all you ask this, the agent will always answer being positive, rather ask him/her something relevant which can test his/her skills.

  • Do you help in overall student visa process –SOP, Admission, Issuance of CoE till Visa filling?
    Students usually have to submit their SOP and all the required documents to the university as well as the Department of Home Affairs. You must ask the agent whether they provide the candidate with these facilities or not. This can indeed ease off the things from the student’s end.

  • Do you guarantee admission to a school / college in one of his/her top choices?
    Yes, because many of them do give a guarantee, but them turn themselves off. Make a firm decision from yours as well as from their end to receive a guaranteed response, else it would never be their fault if you do not get into any university. This is the best question you can ask the agent!

  • Do you provide on shore help if we will have any sort of problem there?
    Some people might skip this question, but this can surely help you out. You may never know what is going to happen, so why not stay prepared for the things that can come up. Ask them if they can help you after you reach Australia in regards to your student visa.

  • What happens if my application is denied?
    A minuscule percentage of applicants are denied with Australian student visas by the country’s immigration authorities. If some applications are delayed with relevant documents not submitted or if your application heads for rejection, you can inquire with immigration agent who helps you with different review or appeal options. On some occasions, you will receive the sum. Don’t collect refund without appealing your case. Ensure your appeal is heard by the immigration authorities. Seek assistance from an immigration agent helping you to carry out this process.

  • Why hiring an education agent is a fast track to success?
    Students are at a receiving end and don’t get necessary help of an immigration agent especially at the time of applying for Australian student visa. There is no need to submit your application without consulting the agent. Without which, you are bound to commit mistakes. In fact, a consultant has to possess vast knowledge and ensure your visa is being approved on time.

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